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WigJig Family of Jewelry Making Tools and Accessories

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Most vendors selling a jewelry making jig have a very limited selection.  They make one and if you need a jig, that is the only option from that vendor.  Our company is significantly different.  We recognize that a single jig can not meet all the needs of a jewelry crafter making jewelry with wire and beads.  Some jewelry making patterns or designs use a pattern based on a jig with a square peg pattern.  Some jewelry making patterns or designs use a jig with a round peg pattern.  Some patterns work better with larger pegs.  Some patterns work better with smaller pegs and a more delicate pattern.  Because of this, our company make 6 different styles of jewelry making jigs.  Each of these jigs have slightly different capability.  Before choosing a jewelry making jig, we suggest that you view all six styles of jigs that we make and sell. 

Our company also makes two different types of accessories.  We make accessories called Super Pegs that are similar to a mushroom with the stem of the mushroom fitting into a hole in the jig and the top of the mushroom providing a larger rounded surface for shaping wire.  We also make accessories called Spiral Makers that help make spirals in soft jewelry wire with almost no tool marks.  Both of these types of accessories are shown in the above video. 

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