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Making Spirals with WigJig Spiral Maker

Free video instructions in making spirals out of soft jewelry wire using the WigJig Spiral Maker Tool:

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History of Jewelry Wire Spirals

The spiral was the first item that was made out of jewelry wire about 3800 BC.  The spiral was found in an archaeological dig at the Babylonian city of Ur and was the first use of wire made into jewelry.  This ancient jewelry wire was made by hammering precious metals into sheets and then rolling the sheets into tubes.  These tubes were the first jewelry wire.  The first example of using this jewelry wire was a double spiral used as the center piece of a necklace.  Making a spiral out of jewelry wire hasn't changed much between 3800 BC and 1998.  In 1998 WigJig developed a new jewelry making tool for making spirals, called the WigJig Spiral Maker.  The WigJig Spiral Maker works with a WigJig Jewelry Making Jig to make spirals between the surface of the Spiral Maker and the Jig.  In the video above we demonstrate how to make a spiral using the WigJig jewelry making tools.  

Why make spirals with the WigJig Spiral Maker?

The reason is simple.  The conventionsal approach to making a spiral out of jewelry wire uses bent chasing pliers to grasp the wire firmly while bending it into the spiral shape.  This technique makes it very difficult to make a spiral without "tool marks", the mark of your pliers where you gripped the wire.  Our WigJig Spiral Maker eliminates these tool marks, because the wire is manipulated into the spiral shape between two pieces of softer plastic.

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