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Jewelry Making Hand Tools - WigJig Jewelry Making Basics

Free instructions on the jewelry making hand tools used when making jewelry with wire and beads:

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Overview on jewelry making tools both required and desired.

Our WigJig company exists because we sell the tools used to make jewelry by hand using wire and beads.  That is our company speciality.  In support of that area of expertise, we provide our web site with free instructions in the jewelry tools required, the desired tools, the jewelry supplies required, and a wealth of instructions on the skills, technique and design or projects for making jewelry with wire and beads.  In this video we try to focus on the common hand tools used for making jewelry.  We try to break the discussion of hand tools down into those tools that are mandatory and absolutely required and those tools that are helpful and recommended.  We also try to discuss characteristics to seek when purchasing hand tools including the size and shape of the tools. 

Our company has developed our own brand of hand tools and we show those tools in this video.  Developing new tools isn't the easiest thing to do.  We wouldn't do it if there wasn't a reason.  In this case there is a good reason, many companies making tools used by jewelry crafters have merely repurposed their watchmaker's tools and now call them jewelry tools.  Those tools were designed for a different purpose and don't necessarily meet the needs for handmade jewelry.  Some companies have taken the tools used to set gemstones into rings and fingings and call these jewelry tools.  Similarily, these tools do not necessarily meet the needs of the jewelry crafter.  Finally, some tools do an excellent job of meeting the requirements of the jewelry crafter, but at a price that can't be justified by most craftpersons.  For all of the above reasons, we designed our WigJig brand jewelry making tools to exactly meet the needs of the crafter who is making jewelry with wire and beads using designs and patterns like the ones shown on our web site. 

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