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Making Interchangeable Ear Wires Jewelry Making Project

Interchangeable Ear Wire Earrings jewelry making design

Free instructions in how to make our Interchangeable Ear Wires earrings using soft jewelry wire and our WigJig Spiral Maker and any WigJig jewelry tool:

These earrings are called Interchangeable for the simple reason that the design of this ear wire allows the beads to be changed.  By making several bead dangles with different combinations of beads, you can completely change the look of this ear wire by changing only the bead dangle. 

If this video doesn't automatically display below, you can view our WigJig videos on the You Tube web site by selecting here.


Jewelry making tools required.

To make this earring design you will need the following jewelry tools:

  • Ruler
  • Flush Cutter
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Bent Chain Nose or Chain Nose Pliers (2)
  • Fine Step Jaw Pliers
  • Nylon Jaw Pliers
  • WigJig Cyclops, WigJig Centaur, or WigJig Centaur Lite
  • Nylon Hammer
  • Anvil or Bench Block
  • 13 regular metal pegs for WigJig tool
  • One 1/2" Super Peg for the WigJig tool

Jewelry making supplies required.

  • 11 inches of 20 gauge round jewelry wire
  • Two commercial head pins
  • Two or more beads that are compatible with your head pin.

Free jewelry making instructions in text and static pictures.

You can find more information on how to make interchangeable ear wires out of jewelry wire by selecting here.  We have several alternative designs for this jewelry making project.  The one we prefer is the "Stays On Alternative Design" shown on this web page.  We prefer this jewelry making design because as the name implies, it stays on better than the other designs on this page.  If you use larger and heavier beads, the weight of the beads will help keep any of the earring designs shown on this page on the wearer.  With smaller or lighter beads, the stays on alternative design is recommended. 


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