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Making a Clasp Jewelry Finding

Making your own clasps out of jewelry wire using WigJig jewelry tools:

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What is a clasp finding?

Most people are familiar with clasps and understand what a clasp finding is.  Simply stated a clasp is used to connect the two ends of a necklace or bracelet when worn.  The clasp allows the wearer to put the bracelet or necklace on without trying to squeeze the piece of jewelry around your hand or head.  The clasp allows the bracelet to be a length that is appropriate for the diameter of the wearer's wrist and not the larger diameter of the hand.  The clasp also allows you to make a connection between two ends of a chain and break a connection between two ends of a chain without distorting or breaking the piece of jewelry.

Why make your own clasp findings?

There can be many reasons for making your own clasps.  One of the most obvious is that you might need to make your own clasp to have it march the jewelry wire used in your jewelry making project.  Often, when using colored wire, you will want to make your own clasp because a commercially made clasp can't be found using the same colored wire.  Sometimes people like to make their own clasps because they can add artistic features or esthetics that can't be found in commercial clasps.  Sometimes people make their own clasps simply because they have jewelry wire available, but no appropriate clasp available.  Finally, people often make their own clasps because it differentiates a jewelry making project as being handmade.  Handmade clasps appear significantly different from commercial machine made clasps and using a handmade clasp can make a jewelry item stand out. 

How to make your own clasp finding out of jewelry wire.

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