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Making a Head Pin Jewelry Finding

Making a head pin finding out of jewelry wire using WigJig jewelry tools:

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What is a head pin jewelry making finding?

Head pin jewelry making findingA head pin finding is a metal finding used to attach beads to jewelry making projects.  Please see the picture at right.  A head pin is very similar to a straight pin used in sewing with a head larger than the body of the head pin.  Usually the body of a head pin will be made of half-hard jewelry making wire in sizes from 21 gauge to 24 gauge.  The body of a head will will have a flush cut or a flat end instead of the sharp end on a straight pin used in sewing.  When using in making jewelry, the head of the head pin holds a bead or combination of beads in position.  The body of the head pin, opposite from the head, is used to connect the bead to a jewelry making component like an ear wire or an earring body. 

Why make your own head pins?

Frequently, a head pin finding made out of precious metals will cost between $0.25 and $0.75 each.  This cost isn't insigificant especially in jewelry components that may include ten or more head pins attaching beads to the jewelry item.  Sometimes, the beads you want to use in your jewelry making project will have a larger hole in the center and the head of the head pin will pass through the hole in a purchased head pin.  Sometimes, you can make a head pin that will enhance the esthetics of your jewelry making project.  Given the above, the reasons for making your own head pins can be cost, esthetics, or function (larger head to work with beads with a larger hole.)

How do you make your own head pins?

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