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Making an Ear Wire Advanced

Free advanced video instructions in how to make an ear wire finding using jewelry wire and common jewelry making tools:

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Why make your own ear wire findings?

There are many reasons for making your own ear wires as opposed to purchasing commercial, machine-made ear wires.  For us the reasons are cost, style or form and availability.  We believe that you can make ear wires at a lower cost than you could purchase them.  We also find that you can make an ear wire in a unique style or with unique features that will differentiate your jewelry from the off-the-shelf commercially made jewelry.  As an example your ear wire could have beads that are the same as the beads on your earring body.  This would indicate to any customer that the ear wire was special and hand made.  You can also make ear wires that have features to allow them to stay on better than commercial ear wires.  The final criteria for making your own ear wires is availability.  We always have jewelry wire available, but we frequently run out of commercial ear wires.  We've gotten to the point where we only purchase lever-back or post with ball type commercial ear wires because we can't make an identical ear wire ourselves.  For all other styles of ear wires, we make them when we make the earrings.  Please select one of the links below for more information on ear wires:



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