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Making the Wrapped Bead Link

Free video instructions in making the "Wrapped Bead Link" out of jewelry wire and beads using common jewelry tools:

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Making and using the wrapped bead link to connect to jewelry components. 

When we began making jewelry, we made many bracelet and necklace combinations by making a single accent component using one of our WigJig tools and then connecting a chain of Swarovski crystals to either side of the accent component using the wrapped bead link.  In our web site, we call this "Chained Jewels".  We've made a lot of wrapped bead links.  In fact, most of our necklace or bracelet instructions/patterns will include a wrapped bead link in the design.  One might ask why is this.  The answer is simple -- when we make jewelry we try to think about the baby test.  If a baby were to grab that necklace or bracelet, could the baby pull it apart?  A baby isn't mean.  It wouldn't intentionally try to ruin a piece of jewelry.  It just is, but a baby could accidentally pull on a necklace or bracelet.  That wouldn't be unheard of.  The reason that we like to use the wrapped bead link it that a baby could not pull it apart.  In fact, a grown 200+ pound male like myself could not pull it apart, even intentionallyl.  The wrapped bead link provides a solid, permanent connection when connecting jewelry components and by incorporating a bead in the wrapped bead link, it is also a decorative way to make jewelry. 

We think that making the wrapped bead link is an important jewelry making skill.  We strongly recommend that beginners, advanced beginners and some intermediate jewelry crafters watch this video.  As in most things in our web site, we have been doing this for a while and have learned from our mistakes.  Hopefully, you can learn from our mistakes and you won't need to make them yourself.  If you want to make permanent, strong jewelry that passes the baby test, then learn this skill and incorporate it into your jewelry designs. 

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