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Making Jump Rings & Figure 8 Connectors

Free video instructions on how to make jump rings and figure 8 connectors out of jewelry wire using common jewelry tools:

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Making jump rings and figure 8 connectors using jewelry tools and wire.

In our prior video we showed how to connect jewelry components together using "P" Loops, Eye Loops, Figure 8 Connectors and Jump Ring Connectors.  Eye Loops, figure 8 connectors and jump rings can be purchased as jewelry making findings from many vendors including in our Internet store.  If you are like us, you will only rarely be able to purchase these findings in advance and in the correct type of jewelry wire.  For that reason, we almost always make our own figure 8 connectors and jump rings using the exact same type of wire we used for making the jewelry components.  Commonly, we make these components out of 20 gauge wire. 

If you are the type of person who can plan ahead and order your supplies before you get the inspiration to make jewelry, you can skip this video.  If like us, when the muse strikes and you get inspiration to make some jewelry, you won't have the connectors in the right wire and right size.  Furthermore, if you choose to make jewelry out of Artistic Wire, or other colored jewelry wire, you may find that you can't purchase either jump rings or figure 8 connectors in the same color as the wire you use.  For us, this is an important skill.  We make a lot of jump rings and figure 8 connectors. 

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