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Connecting Components

Free video instructions on making jewelry by connecting jewelry wire components together with open loops and/or jump rings or figure 8 connectors:

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How to connect jewelry components using open loops.

In the craft of wire working, or making jewelry with wire and beads, jewelry components are connected together using loops of wire.  In this video we show how to connect open loops to other jewelry components.  In a separate videos we will show connecting wire components using wrapped loops or closed loops.  For beginners, an open loop is a loop that has a cut or an opening in it.  In the pictures below you will be able to view several types of open loops.

Eye Loop with open loop, jewelry making component "P" Loop made of jewelry wire, jewelry making component


Jump Ring jewelry making finding with open loop.


Figure 8 Connector jewelry making components with two open loops.

Eye Loop "P" Loop Jump Ring Figure 8 Connector

In making the type of jewelry we describe in our web site, we don't use any soldering or casting.  We tend to make jewelry wire components that are smaller and to make a large component, we connect many small component together.  For that reason, the technique of connecting wire components by opening and closing open loops is very important. 

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