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Making a Bead Dangle

Free Video Instructions on how to attach a bead to a jewelry component using a head pin finding and common jewelry tools:

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Bead dangle jewelry making component made out of beads and common jewelry supplies.How to make a bead dangle and connect it to a jewelry component.

The jewelry component that we call a bead dangle is essentially one or more beads connected to any jewelry component using a head pin and a wrapped or an open loop.  Please see the picture at right.  In this video we provide free instructions in how to perform this jewelry making technique.  The most common place where the bead dangle is employed is in making earrings.  Many simple styles of earrings consist of an ear wire and a bead dangle connected to the ear wire with one or more beads in the bead dangle.  The bead dangle shown at right has a closed or wrapped loop connecting it to the body of the earring or other jewelry component. 

For beginners who may not be familiar with a head pin -- a head pin is a jewelry finding with a "head" on one end and a length of jewelry wire connected to the head.  Normally, the jewelry wire in a head pin will be between 20 and 24 gauge and will have a hardness of roughly 2 out of 5, or half-hard.  Normally, a head pin is a finding that is purchased pre-made, but there are techniques for making a head pin out of jewelry wire that are covered in a different video.

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