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2010 Apr 20


WigJig Jewelry Tools Presents our Jewelry Making Newsletter for Apr. 20, 2010:

Next, our schedule for the month of June has us doing demonstrations on how to use our WigJig tools at the Bead and Button Show in the Milwaukee Midwest Airline Center.  The show will be June 17th through 19th and we will be providing demonstrations in the Soft Flex Booth.  Don't look for WigJig, look for Soft Flex and we will be there.  If you visit the show, please stop by and say hello.

"Money" Earrings Jewelry Making Project Made with Black Diamond Swarovski Beads on WigJig jewelry tools.

Birthstone for April:  The birthstone for April is the diamond.  For more information on diamonds, please select here.  We strongly recommend against anyone purchasing a diamond for the simple reason that the price of diamonds is artificially inflated by the DeBeers corporation.  If the law of supply and demand were to operate normally here, diamonds would cost about 1/2 as much as they currently do.  In addition, with man-made diamonds becoming readily available, we really believe that the price of diamonds will drop dramatically in the foreseeable future.  Instead of purchasing diamonds we recommend purchasing cubic zirconia (CZ) gemstones at a fraction of the price of a diamond.  CZs appear so similar to a diamond that most professional jewelers can't tell them apart based upon visual inspection alone.  You can view our selection of clear or white CZs here.  Marcia, our customer service manager, likes these CZ's so much that she has a bowl of them sitting on her desk in a spot where the afternoon sun hits them every day.  She loves the sparkle that results. 

Emerald Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Making Gemstone AAA GradeBirthstone for May:  The Birthstone for May is the emerald.  Please select here to view more information on emeralds.  Emeralds are made from beryllium aluminum silicate with traces of chromium.  This makes emeralds very similar chemically to aquamarine.  Mined emeralds usually have imperfections called inclusions.  The inclusions reduce the value of the emeralds because they are aesthetically unattractive and because they weaken the gemstones.  Because of this, emeralds may be the most delicate gemstone.  We recommend that real, mined from the earth emeralds be used in earrings and necklaces only, and not in rings or bracelets.  WigJig does not sell real, mined from the earth emeralds because 1. they are too expensive and 2.  because it really takes a trained jeweler to know the value of an emerald based on the amount of inclusions in the stone.  We do sell emerald colored CZs and emerald colored quartz gemstones.  Both of these stones are much stronger and less delicate than real, mined emeralds.  You can view our selection of emerald colored CZs and emerald quartz gemstones by selecting here. 

Guest Jewelry Making Contributor:  

Jerry Beeman Necklace made on WigJig jewelry Tools usingsilver  jewelry wire.Our guest contributor for this newsletter is Jerry Beeman.  Jerry made the necklace shown at right as his first project using our WigJig tools and was so pleased with the result that he shared it with us.  The necklace uses two components made on the WigJig, both our Flemish Spiral ("S" shaped wire component) and our Spiral Dangle wire component (the yoke in the center with the spiral on top).  Jerry used our WigJig Centaur, with some Super Pegs and a Spiral Maker to make these two wire components.  Please note that this is not Jerry's first jewelry project, just his first project using our WigJig tools. 

Jerry lives in Tampa, Florida.  He moved to Tampa from Bath, NY in 1969, to join a flying trapeze act and worked in the circus for many years thereafter.  For the past 14 years, Jerry has been working in the direct mail graphics industry supporting the automobile industry.  When the automobile industry turned down, Jerry managed to work in the graphic arts department for the circus and for Circus Hollywood.  He still maintains the web site for Circus Hollywood at and he maintains his own web site at

Jerry says "This jewelry making venture has been an exciting new arena for me.  I hope to enjoy and learn a lot more in the future."  He can be reached at  If anyone is interested, Jerry is willing to sell similar necklaces and other jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Making Supplies On Sale:

We update the jewelry supplies that we have "On Sale" with every newsletter.  A small sample of the products we have for sale at discounted prices are shown below.  Please click on any of the text below the pictures to view our entire list of sale items.  Select the picture itself to view that specific item in our Internet store.  This sale will be effective through June 17, 2005 or until we run out of that item.  

6mm Bicone Swarovski

Swarovski 6mm Round Garnet Beads

6mm Round 
25 Facet Garnet Beads 

6mm Cobalt Faceted Round Beads

6mm Round Faceted Cobalt Beads

6mm Czech Glass Pony Beads Dark Amethyst

6mm Czech Amethyst Dark Pony Beads

Jewelry Making Tool Kit for Beginners

Tool Kit for Beginners 

Artistic Wire Silver plated Natural Silver

18 Gauge Natural Silver Silver-plated Wire


Our new jewelry design for this month is actually several new designs of our Comma Jewelry Wire Earrings shown below.  All of these designs are modifications to the Comma Earrings shown in our last newsletter.  This shows the design progression when making a new design.  We frequently find that after making one design, we think about the design for a while and then come up with improvements.  The earring designs shown below are improvements to the original Comma Earrings discussed last month. 
New Comma Jewelry Wire  Earrings Jewelry Making Project New Comma Jewelry Wire & Beads Earrings Jewelry Making Project New Comma Jewelry Wire and Beads Earrings -- Jewelry Making Project New Comma Earrings Made from Wire & Beads -- Jewelry Making Project

All of the earrings shown have the interchangeable bead feature.  All of the beads or jewelry findings used in these earrings can be removed and replaced with any bead dangle or similar jewelry finding. 

The finding used with the pink sapphire gemstones above is our low wall bezel finding.  These findings can be found in silver in our Internet store here, or in gold-filled here

The three pictures of earrings on the left, above, were made on our WigJig Centaur or WigJig Cyclops or WigJig Electra.  The earrings second from the right were made on our WigJig Cyclops or WigJig Electra and could not be made on our WigJig Centaur.  The earrings shown in copper at the far right could be made on any of our jigs. 

We used 20 gauge soft wire for all of these earrings and had to harden the wire after shaping it on our jigs using a nylon hammer and an anvil or bench block.  The earrings show far-right above could have been made with 1/2 hard wire and would have required less hammering to harden the wire if we had.  All the other earrings really do require soft wire.  Because these are ear wires for pierced ears, we only use 20 gauge wire.  21 gauge would also work, but would not be as strong or survivable. 

Please select here, or any picture above, to view our free instructions for making our New Comma Jewelry Wire Earrings.

Past Jewelry Making Techniques:

We maintain a techniques web page that provides links to the discussion of techniques in our prior newsletters.  You can visit this web page here.  Follow the links on that page to the discussion of the technique in that newsletter. 

Jewelry Making Technique:

Scrimp Beads Jewelry Making FindingThis month's jewelry making technique is our discussion on how to use Scrimp Beads.  You can view a close up of Scrimp beads at right.  Scrimp Beads are used to replace crimp beads for making necklaces and bracelets.  The idea behind a Scrimp Bead is that the bead contains a set screw that can be screwed out to allow the bead stringing wire to pass through the bead, then screwed in to hold the wire firmly in place. 

Instructions for using Scrimp Beads Jewelry Making Finding


Nostalgia Corner -- Some of our favorite jewelry making designs:Tanzanite Low Wall Bezel Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectLow Wall Bezel Earrings Jewelry Making Project

This week's featured design in our Nostalgia Corner is the design for our Low Wall Bezel Earrings shown left and right.  We selected this design because we used some of the low wall bezel findings to make one of our Comma Earrings shown above in our jewelry project for this month. 

Setting a gemstone in the low wall bezel finding is very easy.  We have a video on You Tube that shows how to set a gemstone using the low wall bezel finding and then how to incorporate that finding into earrings you can view that video here.

Please select here, or select either picture above to view our free instructions for making our Low Wall Bezel Earrings.


We are continuing to improve our newsletter, so please feel free to provide feedback at

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