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2007 Oct 31

SpokesDog Boomer for Beads, Jewelry Tools and Jewelry Making Supplies by WigJig Web SiteWigJig Jewelry Tools Presents our Jewelry Making Newsletter for Oct. 31, 2007

WigJig News -- AKA Boomer Sez:

Our Spokesdog:  If an insurance company can have a gecko, we have decided that we can have a spokesdog.  Boomer, shown at right, is our spokesdog.  If you select Boomer's picture at right, you will be able to view Boomer at work. 

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8mm Topaz Colored Cubic ZirconiaBirthstone for November:  The birthstone for November is the topaz.  Naturally occurring topaz can be clear or yellow to yellow-brown.  The clear8mm Blue Topaz Colored Cubic Zirconiatopaz once radiated turns brown.  If this now brown topaz is heated it turns the into blue topaz.   Please select here to view more information on topaz.  We have added an article about Blue Topaz and some of the controversy over the irradiation of this mineral to our basic information on topaz.  This article, by Robert James of the International School of Gemology, is worth reading because of the insight it provides into the gemstone industry. 

In our WigJig store, we sell cubic zirconia gemstones in both the Blue Topaz color and in the champagne color shown above.  Select either picture to view our selection of those gemstones. 

Also, we now have three jewelry making kits that contain Blue Topaz colored Cubic Zirconia and are excellent gift ideas for someone born in November.  You can view these new kits below.  All three kits are suitable for beginners.  Please select any picture below to view that kit in our Internet store including links to our free instructions for assembling that kit.  You can visit WigJig Video University, described below to view a free video on how to make this "Bling" jewelry. 

WigJig Brand Hand Tools:

After careful review of our new WigJig Brand hand tools, we discovered that the fine step jaw pliers were not the quality that we wanted them to be.  For this reason, we have reduced our price on these tools to $7.95.  A few customers purchased these pliers from us at the old price of $13.95.  If you happen to have purchased our step jaw pliers at this price, please send us an e-mail and we will credit your credit card for the difference in price. 

Introducing WigJig Video University of Jewelry Making:  

Many people have asked us for videos on how to make jewelry.  We have now started a new feature on our web site called WigJig Video University of Jewelry Making.  Our ultimate intention is to provide a series of free videos on how to use our WigJig tools along with free videos on how to make our bling gemstone jewelry.  We now have completed five videos.  Four of these videos show how to make gemstone jewelry and the fifth video is a video on how to use our WigJig tools.  Please select any picture below to view our video on how to make that gemstone jewelry.  You can also visit WigJig Video University here.  If you visit WigJig Video University, you can select to view these videos either in our higher resolution format, or in a slightly lower resolution format on the You Tube web site.  For readers with a slow Internet connection, we suggest visiting WigJig video University and selecting the You Tube format as it will download faster. 

Jewelry Making Supplies On Sale:

We update the jewelry supplies that we have "On Sale" with every newsletter.  A small sample of the products we have for sale at discounted prices are shown below.  Please click on any of the links below the pictures to view our entire list of sale items.  Select the picture itself to view that specific item in our Internet Store.  This sale will be effective through November 30th 2007 or until we run out of that item. 

6mm Rose Swarovski Glass Pearl Beads for Making Jewelry with Earring Findings  6mm Gold-Filled Finding for Making Jewelry with Earring Findings

6mm Round Rose 1/2 Drilled Swarovski Crystal Pearl Beads
and Gold-Filled Earrings Posts 
Sale Priced $1.35 per package of two beads or $1.43 for package of two findings (Must be purchased separately)

Gold-Filled Earring Post with Ball Jewelry Making Finding.  Medium Gold Filled Earring Clutch Jewelry Making Finding

Gold Filled Post with Ball Finding and Medium Ear Clutch
Sale Priced $3.35 per package of 2 pair of ear wires or $2.87 for package of 5 pair of ear clutches.

4mm Round Swarovski Sapphire Faceted Beads 
 Swarovski 4mm Round Rose Glass Beads
Rose Sapphire Faceted Beads
4mm Swarovski 
Sapphire Beads  and
 Rose Round or Bicone Beads
Sale Priced per package of 12 round beads 
or 24 bicone beads.

WigJig Nylon Wallet for Jewelry Making Tools
WigJig Nylon Wallet for Jewelry Making Tools
Sale Priced $5.56 each.

Leatherette Box for Gemstone Earrings jewelry making supplies.

Leatherette Earrings Box 
$1.59 Each (Earrings Not Included)

Large Jewelry Wire Links Bracelet with Beads Jewelry Making Project made on WigJig jewelry tools.Free Jewelry Making Design:

With every newsletter we provide a new jewelry design from WigJig University to spur the creative juices.  The new design for this newsletter is the design for the Large Jewelry Wire Links Bracelet with Beads shown at right.  We also have a necklace design that is similar.  This design can be made on any of our WigJig tools using two Super Pegs each in 1/2", 5/16" and 1/4" sizes.  For the bracelet, we use one large link, four medium sized links and two smaller links all connected one to another by multiple figure 8 connectors.  For the necklace, we have just 17 large links.  This is a beginner's jewelry making project. 

To view our instructions for how to make these Large Jewelry Wire Links Bracelet with Beads select here, or select the picture above.

Past Jewelry Making Techniques:

We maintain a techniques web page that provides links to the discussion of techniques in our prior newsletters.  You can visit this web page here.  Follow the links on that page to the discussion of the technique in that newsletter. 

Current Jewelry Making Technique:

This week's jewelry making technique is a two part technique.  The first of the two techniques that we will discuss will be how to use a commercial chain, with an existing clasp, like the commercial chains that we sell, with our bling gemstone pendant settings, some with a smaller hole.  In the pictures below, you can view at far left, that the loop in the end of the commercial chain is too large to fit into the loop in the pendant setting.  In the picture near-left, you can view using bent closing pliers to gently squeeze the loop in the end of the chain until the loop is oval.  In the picture near-right you can see that this oval loop fits through the loops in the pendant setting.  In the picture far-right you can view the chain in its final position. Please select here to view our detailed information on how to make a commercial chain fit with smaller pendant settings.

Techniques for Using WigJig Jewelry Making ToolsOur second jewelry making technique for this newsletter is an introduction to our new free video in WigJig Video University on making jewelry with our WigJig jewelry making tools.  In this video, we review the basics of how to cut wire, how to make a loop in wire, how to straighten wire, and how to make a wire component on our WigJig tools.  For those of you who aren't totally comfortable with using our WigJig tools, this video will show how we push the wire while turning the jig and how we start with two pegs in any pattern that we make, adding pegs as be go.  The video is targeted for beginners to advanced beginners.  You can view this video by selecting the picture at right, or by selecting here.  For those readers who have a slow Internet connection, you can view our video on the You Tube web site at slightly lower resolution by selecting here.  The video will download faster from the You Tube web site.  

Our intention is that this video will be the first of many, although, our follow-on videos will be part of an online course that we will sell for $24.95.  We hope to have this online course available for sale in December 2007. 

Nostalgia Corner Some of our favorite jewelry making designs:

Bull's Eye Wire and Beads Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectBull's Eye Jewelry Wire and Beads Earrings Jewelry Making DesignThis week's featured design in our Nostalgia Corner is the design for our Bull's Eye Wire Earrings with Beads shown here, left and right.  Our niece and videographer, Brittany, likes these earrings and let it be known that she would like a pair.  Fortunately, we had a pair ready to go.  So, to say thank you to Brittany for her hard work in getting WigJig Video University started, we selected her as Employee of the Month and gave her the earrings shown at right in recognition of her achievement.  It only seems fitting to designate this design for our Nostalgia Corner. 

Please select here, or select either picture above to view our instructions for making our Bull's Eye Earrings Project shown here.


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