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2005 Apr 24

WigJig Jewelry Tools Presents our Jewelry Making Newsletter:

We have added some new products to our Internet store since our last newsletter.  Specifically, we have added several new lengths of anti-tarnish sterling silver and gold-filled wire and we have added several new sterling silver toggle clasps.  Two of the new toggle clasps have been placed on sale for the next two weeks at 20% off their normal retail price.  You can view these two new clasps below.  The new lengths of wire are our effort to make our anti-tarnish sterling silver and our gold-filled wire more affordable.  Until now we have been selling this wire on one ounce lengths.  We are now selling anti-tarnish sterling silver and gold-filled wire in 18 and 20 gauge in 5 foot lengths and in 22 gauge in a 10 foot length.  This brings down the price of this wire and makes it easier to try making jewelry with this wire.  Our hope is that those of you who have been using our silver-plated and gold-plated wire will try both our anti-tarnish sterling silver and gold-filled wire. We believe that you will like the results.

Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp with Rope jewelry making finding Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp jewelry making finding.

Jewelry Making Supplies On Sale:

We update the jewelry supplies that we have "On Sale" with every newsletter.  A small sample of the products we have for sale at discounted prices are shown below.  Please click on any of the text below the pictures to view our entire list of sale items.  Select the picture itself to view that specific item in our Internet store.  This sale will be effective through May 6, 2005 or until we run out of that item.  

Free Jewelry Making Design:

With every newsletter we provide a new jewelry design from WigJig University to spur the creative juices.  The new design for this newsletter is the design for the 3 Tier "V" Shaped Chandelier Earrings shown at right.  Making these earrings is an advanced beginners jewelry making project.  The most difficult step is making the wrapped bead link to connect one tier to the next.  We show several alternative designs for making these "V" shaped chandelier earrings and will add a couple of more 2 Tier alternatives at a later date.  These earrings are very similar to the 2 and 3 tier earrings that we described about a month ago, but in this case the "V" shape is oriented normally.  The earlier designs were made in an inverted "V" shape.  If you were successful in making those earrings, you will find these earrings use almost identical components and techniques.

To view our instructions for making these earrings please select either the picture or the name of the earrings at right. 

3 Tier Chandelier Earrings Jewelry Making Project Made with Swarovski Aqua Beads using WigJig jewelry tools.  3 Tier V Chandelier Earrings Jewelry Making Project Made with Swarovski Crystal AB Beads on WigJig jewelry tools.

3 Tier "V" Shaped Chandelier Earrings

Past Jewelry Making Techniques:

We maintain a techniques web page that provides links to the discussion of techniques in our prior newsletters.  You can visit this web page here.  Follow the links on that page to the discussion of the technique in that newsletter. 

Current Jewelry Making Technique:

This weeks jewelry technique is a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of several types of wire.  Specifically we compare the advantages and disadvantages of soft, versus 1/2 hard versus hard wire and the advantages and disadvantages of sterling silver, gold, Argentium anti-tarnish sterling silver, gold-filled, silver-plated and gold-plated wire.  We have added information comparing wire hardness and comparing the various types of precious metal wire to our series of Beginners Instructions web pages. 

The one question that we get asked more than any other is what wire to choose.  These two new web pages help to answer this question.  Our personal choice for the wire we use to make jewelry is gold-filled wire.  We use gold-filled wire because it has all the advantages of gold wire at a fraction of the cost.  The most significant advantage to either gold or gold-filled wire for us is that we need to take pictures of the jewelry that we make and digital cameras are much better at taking pictures of gold colored wire than they are of silver.  The second most significant advantage is that gold and gold-filled wire have a natural tarnish resistance.  Our jewelry is on display out in the air for a very long time.  With our gold-filled jewelry we have not had to polish any of our display pieces. 

To view our comparison of the types of wire select either here for a comparison of wire hardness and a comparison of precious metal wire.  


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