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2006 Oct 02

Boomer the Beads & Jewelry Making Supplies by WigJig SpokesdogWigJig Jewelry Tools Presents our Jewelry Making News -- AKA Boomer Sez:

Our Spokesdog:  If an insurance company can have a gecko, we have decided that we can have a spokesdog.  Boomer, shown at right, is our spokesdog

Shows:  Boomer Sez the next show that WigJig will participate in will be the Lapidary Journal Bead Fest in the Greater Reading Expo Center, in Reading, PA from Friday, October 6th through Sunday,Jewelry Making Project from Murf MoorefieldOctober 8th.  The Greater Reading Expo Center is located at 2525 North 12th Street; Reading, PA 19605.  Don't look for a sign at the show that says WigJig.  Instead look for the Soft Flex Booth and we will be there.  This will be our last show in 2006. 

Guest Jewelry Making Contributor:

This weeks guest contributor is Murf MoorefieldMurf will be teaching a class on Sunday at the Lapidary Journal Beadfest on how to make the necklace and earrings shown at left.  This class uses our WigJig tools and hammered wire.  Please select the picture at left to view details on this course.  If you would like to attend this beginner's class, you will need to sign up in advance.  Murf sells our WigJig tools at her store in Catonsville, MD.  You can view information on her store  Boomer sez thank you to Murf for sharing her class information. 



Jewelry Making Supplies On Sale:

We update the jewelry supplies that we have "On Sale" with every newsletter.  A small sample of the products we have for sale at discounted prices are shown below.  Please click on any of the text below the pictures to view our entire list of sale items.  Select the picture itself to view that specific item in our Internet store.  This sale will be effective through October 13th, 2006 or until we run out of that item. 

Free Jewelry Making Design:

2 Gemstone Earrings Jewelry Making Project With every newsletter we provide a new jewelry design from WigJig University to spur the creative juices.  The new design for this newsletter is the design for the 2 Gemstone Earrings shown at right.  This jewelry making project uses 8mm round gemstones with our low wall bezel setting, along with some wire, some commercial chain and a pair of commercial ear wires.  The combination makes a chandelier earring that is really unique.  For those who don't want to use gemstones, 8mm beads on head pins could be used instead of the  gemstones.

These earrings present an opportunity to incorporate colored gemstones into earring designs.  The earrings at right use man made sapphire gemstones with sterling silver wire and chain.  Any other brightly colored gemstone would also work.  We don't recommend clear, simulated diamonds for these earrings with silver wire because it would be to monochromatic.  Simulated diamonds with gold wire might work. 

These earrings were made using a peg pattern on our WigJig Centaur or WigJig Delphi jewelry making jig.  This pattern could be easily adapted to our WigJig Olympus or Olympus-Lite.  In our techniques section below, we discuss how to adapt a pattern from our WigJig Delphi to the WigJig Olympus. 

Our one caution is that we would not normally use the shepherd's hook style of ear wires with gemstone earrings.  For these earrings we were out of both lever back ear wires and post style ear wires when we made the earrings.  We do recommend using either the lever back or the post with ball style of ear wires with these earrings. 

To view our instructions for how to make this jewelry item please select here or select the picture above.  

Past Jewelry Making Techniques:

We maintain a techniques web page that provides links to the discussion of techniques in our prior newsletters.  You can visit this web page here.  Follow the links on that page to the discussion of the technique in that newsletter. 

Current Jewelry Making Technique:Jewelry Making Techniques for adapting a Delphi design to the Olympus

This weeks jewelry making technique is a discussion of how to adapt a pattern made on our WigJig Delphi to be made on our WigJig Olympus or Olympus Lite.  With this weeks new jewelry making project, we used the WigJig Centaur or Delphi to make the earrings shown above.  This paragraph will try to discuss what to do to adapt a pattern from one jig to another. 

Our jigs are designed to have a square pattern when oriented on the horizontal and vertical as shown on the left above, and to also have a square pattern when oriented on the diagonal as shown on the right above.  Because of the way our jigs are made, the pattern on the diagonal is significantly smaller than the pattern on the horizontal and vertical. 

To convert a pattern from our WigJig Delphi to our WigJig Olympus or Olympus-Lite you need to translate a pattern on the horizontal and vertical on the Delphi or Centaur to the diagonal on the Olympus or Olympus-lite.  You can view a web page where we show pieces made on each orientation on each jig here. 

5 + 1 Beaded Chandelier Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectNostalgia Corner -- Some of our favorite jewelry making designs:

This weeks featured design in our Nostalgia Corner is the design for our 5+1 Beaded Chandelier Earrings shown at right.   These earrings were selected because this design can be easily modified to replace the 8mm bead in the center of these earrings with an 8mm gemstone set in the low wall bezel setting just like this weeks new jewelry project above.    

This earring design could also be modified to incorporate chain just like our new project above.  In fact the bottom wire component from these earrings is very similar to the bottom component in our new jewelry project above. 

This is a relatively easy design to make and should look great with an 8mm gemstone in the center.  Here is a way to make some really spectacular earrings using colored gemstones like aquamarine, blue topaz, emerald, ruby, etc. 

Please select here, or select the picture at left to view our instructions for making the 5+1 Beaded Chandelier Earrings.

We are continuing to improve our newsletter, so please feel free to provide feedback at

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