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2007 Jul 12

SpokesDog Boomer for Beads, Jewelry Tools and Jewelry Making Supplies by WigJig Web SiteWigJig Jewelry Tools Presents our Jewelry Making Newsletter -- AKA Boomer Sez:

Our Spokesdog:  If an insurance company can have a gecko, we have decided that we can have a spokesdog.  Boomer, shown at right, is our spokesdog

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WigJig Demonstration on Making Jewelry With WigJig jewelry tools in South Portland, Maine on July 24th:  Gary Helwig of WigJig will be participating in "Art Night Out" on July 24th from 6 to 8 PM at ArtascopeArtascope is located at 352 Cottage Road, South Portland, ME 04106.  Their telephone is 207-799-5154.  For the two hour period of the Art Night Out, Gary will be answering questions and demonstrating how to make jewelry using our WigJig jewelry making tools.  If you have any questions, come visit us at Artascope.  You can view more information on Artascope at  The folks at Artascope teach classes in making jewelry using our WigJig tools.  You can view three of the pieces that they teach in the Artascope classes below.

Artascope Jewelry Making Classes Artascope Jewelry Making Classes 2 Artascope Jewelry Making Classes 3

Rubies for making gemstone jewelryBirthstone for July:  The birthstone for July is the ruby.   Rubies are closely related to sapphires chemically and both are second to the diamond in hardness for a naturally occurring material.  Good quality rubies are very rare and for this reason, coupled with the hardness, rubies are among the most valuable gemstones, with some rubies even costing more than similar diamonds.  We have a lot of good information on rubies that is too detailed to include in our newsletter.  Please select here to view more information on rubies.   

WigJig Brand Hand Tools:

During August we will begin selling a line of WigJig branded hand tools.  Our WigJig branded hand tools were tools that we designed or selected in order to provide the best possible functionality.  Some of the tools we designed to work with our WigJig tools like our Fine Step Jaw Pliers.  Some of the tools we designed to provide the best utility in making jewelry like our fine bent chain nose pliers.  Our goal is to provide the best possible hand tools at a reasonable price.  In preparation for announcing this new line of tools we are putting some of our similar tools on sale at our new prices.  We need to emphasize that these are not cheap tools.  These are the same tools that we use ourselves.  The prices are low because, like Wal-Mart, we are buying the tools directly from the factory.  With no middle-man in the transaction we are passing the savings along to our customers.  Our goal in making these tools was quality first, but we also found a vendor who could provide quality at a reasonable price. 

Round Nose Pliers - WigJig Jewelry Making Tools

Fine Bent Chain Nose Pliers - WigJig Jewelry Making Tools

Fine Step Jaw Pliers Jewelry Making Tools

Round Nose - WigJig $8.99
Formerly $17.95
Fine Bent Chain Nose -
 WigJig $9.99

Formerly $21.95
Fine Step Jaw Pliers $12.95
Formerly $14.95

If you need to upgrade your tools, this may be the time!

Jewelry Making Supplies On Sale:

We update the jewelry supplies that we have "On Sale" with every newsletter.  A small sample of the products we have for sale at discounted prices are shown below.  Please click on any of the links below the pictures to view our entire list of sale items.  Select the picture itself to view that specific item in our Internet store.  This sale will be effective through August 10th 2007 or until we run out of that item. 

Earring Findings with Making Jewelry with 1/2 drilled beads  6mm Lt.Grey Swarovski Glass Pearl Beads for Making Jewelry with Earring Findings

6mm Round Lt. Grey 1/2 Drilled Swarovski Crystal Pearl Beads and GF Earring Findings for Setting 1/2 Drilled Beads.
Sale Priced $1.44 per package of two findings or $1.36 per package of two beads. (Must be purchased separately.)

8mm Round Man Made Ruby Jewelry Making Gemstone

8mm Round Man Made Ruby 
Sale Priced $3.99 per package of two rubies

8mm Round Swarovski Montana Bluel Faceted Beads
8mm Round 50 Facet Swarovski 
Montana Beads 
Sale Priced $3.60 per package of 6 Beads

Gold Filled Lever Back Ear Wire Jewelry Making Finding
Gold Filled Lever Back Ear Wire Findings
Sale Priced $3.90 per pair.

Leatherette Earring Jewelry Box

Leatherette Earring Box  $1.60 per box

Chain, Jewelry Wire & Gemstones Earrings Jewelry Making Project Free Jewelry Making Design:

With every newsletter we provide a new jewelry design from WigJig University to spur the creative juices.  The new design for this newsletter is the design for the Chain, Jewelry Wire and Gemstones Earrings shown at right.  This is an advanced beginner's jewelry making project.  It is not suitable for a first attempt at making jewelry, but if you can cut wire, make loops, open and close loops and make components by bending wire on one of our WigJig jewelry tools, you should be able to make these earrings. 

We believe that this is one of our best earring designs.  Our professional jewelry critic, Boomer's Mom, has commented "We should sell those." about these earrings.  She only says this about jewelry that she really likes.  While, we probably won't sell these earrings, we do believe that this design would sell well in the right market. 

To make these earrings you need some 18 gauge round wire, 22 gauge round wire, a pair of lever back ear wire findings, about 15 inches of medium commercial chain, a pair of 10 mm low wall bezel findings, a pair of 8mm low wall bezel findings, a pair of 10mm gemstones and a pair of 8mm gemstones.  In our instructions for making these earrings we identify each of the products used in making the earrings.  Please note that we have placed the lever back ear wiresthe medium chain,  and 18 gauge round 1/2 hard wire used in making these earrings on sale for 20% off while our supplies last.   

 To view our instructions for how to make this Chain, Jewelry Wire & Gemstone Earrings jewelry making project select here, or select the picture above.

Past Jewelry Making Techniques:

We maintain a techniques web page that provides links to the discussion of techniques in our prior newsletters.  You can visit this web page here.  Follow the links on that page to the discussion of the technique in that newsletter. 

Jewelry Making Technique:

4 Carat 'Diamond' Earrings Jewelry Making KitThis week's jewelry making technique is an introduction of our some of our new jewelry making kits.  Our kits are a good way to purchase the materials to make jewelry at a slightly discounted price.  We have added several new kits to our Internet store and if they are successful, we will add even more.  To view all of our kits, you can select the picture at right, or select here.

Gold Filled 4 Carat 'Diamond' Low Wall Bezel Earrings Jewelry Making Kit in a boxIf you want to have some fun, make a pair of earrings like the 4 carat simulated diamond earrings shown above-right and put them in one of our leatherette boxes (Item 3251) like the ones shown at left.  Then go to happy hour and sit at the bar with the earring box open in front of you.  Now wait for questions.  People will ask about the earrings.  You won't have to find people to buy the earrings they will see the earrings and ask.  What Gary does is tell people who ask that he will sell the earrings for the best offer over $30.  The kit to make those earrings sells for $15.49 and the box sells for $1.99.  Gary uses the money he gets from the sale of the earrings to pay for happy hour.  Gary also enjoys hearing the comments on the earrings.  This approach only works at happy hour.  It seems that people are more willing to ask questions during happy hour and are also more willing to spend money.  Please note that to do this, the box is mandatory.  It makes the earrings look so much more professional.  (This box is also on sale!)

Queen of Clubs Wire & Beads Earrings jewelry making projectNostalgia Corner -- Some of our favorite jewelry making designs:

This week's featured design in our Nostalgia Corner is the design for our Queen of Clubs Wire and Beads Earrings.  Queen of Clubs Wire and Beads Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectWe have re-done our description on how to make these earrings to make it more suitable for beginners.  This is the project that we suggest beginners use as their first jewelry project.  If you are new to making jewelry, we suggest that you take 10 minutes and make yourself a pair of our Queen of Clubs Earrings.  The earrings are a great way to turn an interesting bead, even a lampwork bead with a large hole, into a pair of earrings that you can wear or give away as a gift. 

Please select here, or select either picture above to view our instructions for making the Queen of Clubs Wire & Beads Earrings shown here.


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