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2007 May 29


WigJig Jewelry Tools Present our Jewelry Making Newsletter -- AKA Boomer Sez:

Our Spokesdog:  If an insurance company can have a gecko, we have decided that we can have a spokesdog.  Boomer, shown at right, is our spokesdog

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WigJig News -- Demonstration of jewelry making on WigJig jewelry tools:  

Gary Helwig, inventor of the WigJig jewelry making tools will be at Bead and Button show in Milwaukee, June 7th through 10th.  Gary will be doing demonstrations in the Soft Flex Booth.  Don't look for WigJig, look for Soft Flex.  The show will be in the Midwest Airlines Center in downtown Milwaukee.  You can find more information on this show by selecting here.  Boomer sez if you are going to be at the Bead and Button Show, please stop by and say hello.  Remember, Gary will be at the Soft Flex Booth.

Swarovski Crystal Pearl Beads for making jewelryBirthstone for June:  The birthstone for June is the pearl.   We have a lot of good information on pearl beads that is too detailed to include in our newsletter.  Please select here to view our information on pearl beads.   

We do sell both freshwater pearls and a selection of glass beads made to look like pearls.  You can view our selection of freshwater pearl beads by selecting here.   You can view our selection of glass beads that simulate pearls by selecting here.  In our next newsletter we will be introducing 1/2 drilled pearl beads and the findings to turn these pearl beads into post style earrings. Sterling Silver Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry Making Charm

New Jewelry Making Supplies:

We have added several new items to our Internet store.  You can view these new items at right and below. Please select any picture to view that item in our Internet store.  Please note that we finally have a pendant setting for 12 mm gemstones.  We have been selling the 12mm gemstones for a while, and now we have a setting.  (In our techniques section to this newsletter, below, we have some notes about how to set gemstones in this setting.)  We also now have a Breast Cancer Awareness Charm in sterling silver shown at right.


Kathy Beery Jewelry Making ProjectGuest Jewelry Making Contributor:  

This month's guest contributor is Kathy Beery.  The bracelet design shown at right was made by Kathy.  She is an artist who teaches jewelry workshops in Michael's Stores in Northern Virginia and Maryland.   Kathy teaches basic bead stringing and wire-based jewelry focusing on design and the use of color.  The wire-based jewelry classes include:

  • Chunky, wire-wrapped beaded bracelets
  • Earrings, including how to make shaped wire dangles
  • Beaded crocheted necklaces using 28 gauge wire
  • Wired beaded rings using a ring mandrel and 22 gauge wire
  • And, the featured bracelet which uses “S-Link Connectors” made on a WigJig with 18 gauge wire.  The “S-Link” was shaped around two 3/16 inch Super Pegs.

Kathy now lives in North Carolina, but still teaches in the Northern Virginia area every month.  Soon, she will be teaching in the Raleigh area.  If you have any questions for Kathy, please contact her by e-mail or call her:  Home (919) 762-8739 or Cell (202) 746-8558.

Boomer sez thank you to Kathy for allowing us to display her very lovely bracelet design using hammered wire.   

Student Discount:  We have a new policy on student discounts targeted for college students.  We will provide a 10% discount to any student who will publish a link to our WigJig web site from their web page in their school's .edu domain.  These 10% discount will remain in effect as long as the link to our web site remains active.  Please send us an e-mail if you would like more information on this discount.

Jewelry Making Supplies On Sale:

We update the jewelry supplies that we have "On Sale" with every newsletter.  A small sample of the products we have for sale at discounted prices are shown below.  Please click on any of the links below the pictures to view our entire list of sale items.  Select the picture itself to view that specific item in our Internet store.  This sale will be effective through June 15th 2007 or until we run out of that item. 

8mm White Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Making Gemstone  8mm Gold Filled Jewelry Making Setting

8mm Round White 
Cubic Zirconia Gemstones and
8mm Round Bezel Setting with Loop

Sale Priced $3.99 per Package of 2 gemstones or settings

Round Nose Pliers by WigJig Jewelry Making Tools

Round Nose Pliers WigJig Recommended 
Sale Priced $14.39 each

8mm Round Swarovski Black Faceted Beads
8mm Round 25 Faceted Swarovski Beads 
Sale Priced $3.11 per package of 6 Beads

Gold-Filled Lever Back Ear Wire Jewelry Making Findings
Gold-Filled Lever Back Ear Wire 
Jewelry Making Finding

Sale Priced $3.59 per Package of 1 Pair

4mm Rice Pink Freshwater Pearl Beads
4mm Freshwater Pearls Pink Rice
4mm Swarovski Round Crystal Pearl Beads White
4mm Swarovski Pearl Beads 

18 G Brass Soft Jewelry Making Wire
18g Soft Brass Wire
Sale Priced $5.12 per 30' bag

Free Jewelry Making Design:

Wire Wrapped Chain Watchband with Beads Jewelry Making Project With every newsletter we provide a new jewelry design from WigJig University to spur the creative juices.  The new design for this Wire Wrapped Chain Earrings with Beads Jewelry Making Projectnewsletter is the design for the Wire Wrapped Chain Necklace with Beads shown at right.  This chain is similar to, but made differently from the chain bracelet and earrings described in our last newsletter and shown at left.  Our goal in making a necklace chain was to make a chain that looked like the earlier chain but was larger and bolder.  To do this we used a larger gauge of wire (18 or 20 gauge) and a different approach for making the chain that relies on a 3/16" Super Peg for shaping a portion of the chain link.  This chain is a beginners jewelry making project and uses any of our WigJig tools with just one metal peg and one 3/16" Super Peg.  The necklace we made for this project is 20 inches long. 

To view our instructions for how to make this Wire Wrapped Chain Necklace with Beads jewelry making projects select here, or select any picture above.

Past Jewelry Making Techniques:

We maintain a techniques web page that provides links to the discussion of techniques in our prior newsletters.  You can visit this web page here.  Follow the links on that page to the discussion of the technique in that newsletter. 

Jewelry Making Technique:

Setting Larger Gemstones into Multi-prong settings Jewelry Making TechniqueThis week's jewelry making technique is a discussion on how to set larger sizes of gemstones.  Setting many gemstones can be very easy particularly when using the snap-fit type settings.  Unfortunately, as the gemstones get larger, setting them becomes more difficult.  When you get to sizes of 12mm or larger, setting gemstones requires some different techniques.  Just to put a 12 mm gemstone in perspective, 12mm is very close to 1/2" in size.  This is equivalent in size to a 6 carat diamond.  We have prepared some instructions on how we were able to set these larger gemstones into our 12mm pendant finding.   Below we show just a few pictures on how we accomplished setting the gemstone shown above right.  Select here or select any picture below to view our detailed instructions.

Setting a 12 mm Gemstone Jewelry Making Technique 1 Setting a 12 mm Gemstone Jewelry Making Technique 2 Setting a 12 mm Gemstone Jewelry Making Technique 3 Setting a 12 mm Gemstone Jewelry Making Technique 4

Nostalgia Corner -- Some of our favorite jewelry making designs:Jewelry Wire Chain Watchband jewelry making project

This week's featured design in our Nostalgia Corner is the design for our Jewelry Wire Chain Watchband.  This is a chain design that is quite a bit different than the chain in our project for this week, but it is worthwhile viewing to compare the two types of chain.  The chain shown here is slightly smaller than the chain used to make the links in the necklace project for this week.  This Jewelry Wire Chain could also be make with larger links using larger size wire and larger Super Pegs to make an interesting necklace. 

Please select here, or select the picture above to view our instructions for making the Jewelry Wire Chain shown here.


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