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2012 Oct 09

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Newsletter: Oct 9, 2012

WigJig Jewelry Tools Presents our Jewelry Making Newsletter for Oct 9, 2012

WigJig - Boomer the Spokesdog

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Our Spokesdog:  If an insurance company can have a gecko, we have decided that we can have a spokesdog.  Boomer, shown above-left, is our spokesdog.  If you select Boomer's picture, you can view Boomer at work.  Boomer is an American Eskimo Dog and is now 14 years old. 

Searching on our New WigJig Web Site:

We have two ways to search on our new WigJig web site.  The first is the primary search.  This search is powered by Google and can be found on the upper right of every page within our web site. 

Because of the significant upgrade to our web site, Google is in the process of updating their database for our new content.  For most searches you will receive results from our new web site, mixed with results from our old web site, mixed with results from our web site.  Within the next month, Google will have completely updated their database the the results you will find will be limited to our new web site and our web site in our old format.  Please note that any web address (URL) that begins with will take you to web pages in our old website format. 

The second way to search on our web site is to search within our store.  If you visit our store at, you will find a search field on the left side of the page that is below the words "Product Search".  You can enter a four digit product number to search by item number for a product.  You can also search by entering the name of a product into this search block.  In the product search, the search is limited to the items in our store.  It will not find a project within the main body of our web site. 

Current Promotion on Jewelry Making Tools and Supplies:

Our new store provides us the ability to have special sales using promotional codes.  With promotional codes we can designate a sale that will provide a discount on all items in our Internet store for a defined time period, for orders that exceed a defined dollar volume.  For this week, we have a special promotional offer.  For all orders with over $100 in merchandise, we will discount the order by 15% From October 9th through October 12th.  This represents the biggest discount we have ever offered because not only are we discounting the merchandise in these orders by 15% but we are also waiving the shipping for these orders.  In order to take advantage of this promotional offer, fill your shopping cart in our Internet store with over $100 in merchandise and then enter the Promo Code: Boomer just below the order total in the shopping cart page.  After entering the Promo Code then select "Checkout" and complete your order. 

Facebook Promo: 

For those people who friend us on Facebook, we will publish facebook promotions about once a month.  These promotional sales will work the same as the sale we discussed above.  We may have special sales for all items in our store, or we may have special sales for just one or more items in our store.  Whenever we have a sale like this, we will announce the sale on Twitter and publish the promotional code on Facebook.  Please consider following us on both Facebook and Twitter.  You can find links on the top right of this web page. 

New Jewelry Making Videos:

We have posted two new videos on our web site.  The first of the new videos is on Hardening Hand Made Wire Components.  The second of the new videos is on Making an Ear Wire Jewelry Finding.  Our intention with these videos is to provide free instructions on how to make jewelry. 

In the past, we had some problems where some people were unable to properly view our instructional videos.  We think that these problems have been resolved. 

To view all of our free jewelry making videos please select here.

Hot Deals on Jewelry Making Supplies:

Again, this month, we will have some items on sale.  We list these items in the Hot Deals portion of our Internet Store. Please select here to view our Hot Deals on jewelry making supplies for October. 

Please select here to view our Hot Deals on jewelry making supplies for October. 

Please see below for a sample of four of the items in our Hot Deals. 



Silver Plated Jewelry Wire

WigJig Jewelry Making Instructions Book

Nylon Jaw Pliers
Item 4004
22G Silver-PlatedWire, Item 0309 Designing With Wire Book 4
Item 0118
6mm Emerald Swarovski Beads
Item 2505


Permanent Spiral Head Pin Jewelry Making Technique


New Jewelry Making Technique:

Our new jewelry making technique for October is a technique for making a permanent spiral head pin.  You can view one of these spirals at right.  The spiral is made using our WigJig Spiral Maker along with one of our WigJig jewelry making jigs.  The spiral is made permanent by using the center wire in the spiral to wrap around the outer wire in the spiral. 

These spirals can also be made into a spiral dangle by adding a loop or wrapped loop at the top of the spiral.  They can be made into a simple spiral earring by adding a bead above the spiral and then making the loop at the top of the bead.  To make this spiral beaded earring, we recommend using 20 gauge wire. 

 Beads Article:

Precosia Crystal AB Oval BeadsWe have added a new article to our web site with information on types of beads.  You can view this new web page by selecting here.  If you have questions about types of beads that we do not describe on this web page, please send us an e-mail

 Texas Sunset:

Sunset in Texas 121007A

Sunset August 30, 2012




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