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2012 May 30

WigJig Jewelry Tools Presents our Jewelry Making Newsletter for May 30, 2012


WigJig Centaur Lite Jewelry Making Tool showing jewelry wire components.New Price for WigJig Centaur Lite Jewelry Tool: 

Effective immediately, the suggested retail price for our WigJig Centaur Lite (Item 5003) will be $29.99.  Our WigJig Centaur Lite has both a round peg pattern and a square peg pattern on the same jig.  This is our most versatile single jig.   You can find this product in our Internet store by selecting here.

Jewelry Making Videos:

We have posted a new video in our WigJig Jewelry Channel on You Tube,  The new video is called Video 3 -- Making a Wrapped Loop Jewelry Making Technique.  You can visit the WigJig Jewelry Channel on You Tube by selecting here, or visiting the following URL:WigJig Jewelry Tools Video Jewelry Making Instructions Video 3

Please bookmark this site and tell your friends.  We believe that these videos will be very helpful to beginners to using a jewelry making jig.  Our new video is intended to be the first video that a newcomer to working with wire would watch, but it also has some tips that will be worthwhile for people with more experience. 

WigJig Newsletter Format:

We are experimenting with different formats for our WigJig Newsletter.  This month's format is quite a bit different from last month's.  If you would like to provide us feedback on our newsletter format please send us an email

Special May 30th Only Sale for Newsletter Subscribers:  We are also going to offer a special sale just for our newsletter subscribers.  If you place an order on today, May 30th and send us an email with the Internet Order Number of your order, we will discount all non-sale priced items in the order by 10%.  This is just for people reading our newsletter who place an order today and send us an email with their order number.  Please send the email to  Please note that our store won't include this 10% discount.  This is something we have to do manually after we receive your order but before we charge your credit card.  Please allow for this discount when considering our waived shipping for an order over $60.  Please include $66 in your order so that you will have the shipping waived after the discount.  (We won't allow the shipping to increase the price of the order, but if you order between $60 and $66 in merchandise, your discount would only be 5% and the shipping would be waived.)  Please note that the 10% discount won't apply to items already on sale.  For those items you would receive the sale price.  If you purchase on May 30th and send us an email, you could purchase our WigJig Centaur Lite for $26.99 Fish Earrings Jewelry Making Project made on WigJig jewelry tools out of jewelry wire, beads and jewelry shipping and handling.   

New Jewelry Making Design:

Our new jewelry design for this newsletter is the design for the Fish Earrings shown at right.  This design can be made on any of our WigJig jewelry making tools.  This is an advanced beginners jewelry making project.


Please see the picture below-left for how the pattern would be on one of our round jigs (Cyclops, Centaur or Electra).  Please see the picture below-center for the same pattern on one of our jigs with a square pattern (Delphi, Olympus, Olympus-Lite, or Centaur).  Please see the picture below-right for the same pattern without using any Super Pegs. 

Select here to view our detailed instructions for making these Fish Earrings.

Fish Earrings showing jewelry wire pattern on WigJig Cyclops jewelry making tool.

Instructions for Making Delphi Jewelry Tools Showing Jewelry Wire Pattern for Fish Earrings
Fish Earrings Jewelry Wire Pattern No Super Peg on WigJig Delphi Jewelry Making Tool.
Round Pattern Square Pattern No Super Pegs

WigJig Web Site and Store:  Our anticipation is that we will upgrade our web site and Internet store during the month of June 2012.  For those of you who are familiar with our old format for our website, that format will still be available at the following web address:

This should be relatively easy to remember, just replace the "www" with "west".  Please bookmark this site so you will have access to our "old website" after our migration to the new website in the coming month. 

Sunsets in Texas:

May 2, 2012


Thank you for your continued interest in our WigJig Newsletter.



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