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Knotting Between Beads

Jewelry making technique for tying knots between beads when making necklaces or bracelets:

The technique shown below is the traditional technique for stringing beads, with knotting between each bead.  For many people, this traditional approach will be appropriate.  Some people will want to employ a quicker way to get the same or a similar result.  There are two approaches that can spead up the process of stringing beads as indicated below:

1. Stringing beads on bead stringing wire.  Please select here to view our free instructions for this jewelry making technique.

2. Knotting thread using the Tri-Cord Knotter.  This tool helps to knot thread between beads.  You can view a video and text instructions on how to do this by following the links below:

Our hope is that one of these new approaches or the traditional approach described below will help you to be successful in stringing beads. 

Bead Stringing Knotting jewelry making technique for making necklaces or bracelets.

Bead Stringing Knotting jewelry making techniques used for making bracelets or necklaces.Technique for making necklaces or bracelets by knotting between beads.

Instructions for making jewelry by knotting between each bead when string beads.


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