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Tarnish Prevention 1

Instructions on minimizing tarnish on your jewelry wire when making jewelry by hand:

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Knowing that tarnish results from contact between sterling silver jewelry wire and chemicals in the atmosphere like chlorine and sulfur compounds we can easily identify a way to avoid tarnish.  The most simple way is to avoid contact between your sterling silver wire and the atmosphere.  Obviously, it would be a little difficult to only wear your sterling jewelry in a vacuum.  It would also be a little hard on the health of the wearer.  So we have to investigate other options.  The first option is rather obvious and very simple -- store your sterling silver jewelry in an airtight container.  Zip lock bags and jewelry boxes can minimize contact between the chemicals in the atmosphere and your jewelry.  We like clear lid jewelry boxes shown at right because they allow you to view your jewelry, but still minimize contact with the chemicals in the air.

The second thing that you can do is to use chemistry to help with the problem by adding anti-tarnish strips to your jewelry box or zip lock bag.  These strips have chemicals in them that capture the sulfur and other chemicals in the air that cause tarnish.  They are very effective at minimizing tarnish that could occur while your jewelry was being stored and not worn.

The above two steps are very effective in minimizing tarnish on sterling silver jewelry wire during the time when your jewelry is being stored.

The final option on minimizing tarnish is to reduce the contact with the air while your jewelry is being worn.  This can be accomplished by polishing your jewelry with a jewelry polish that includes a compound like wax which will block the adverse chemicals in the atmosphere from contacting your jewelry wire. 

Clear Lid Jewelry Box for storing hand made earrings


Anti-tarnish strips for reducing tarnish on sterling silver jewelry wire



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