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Jewelry Wire Stand for Display of Jewelry

Instructions on making a jewelry wire stand for display of your hand made jewelry or beads:


Instructions for Making a Bead Stand out of jewelry wire shaped on WigJig jewelry making tools showing completed stand.

We have had several requests for a simple stand that could display just one bead, one earring or one bracelet.  The stand show at right is our effort to make a simple bead stand.  Making this stand uses any of our WigJig jewelry tools and a 2" and 1" Larger Round Super Peg.  This is a relatively easy project to make, but the stand will work best in when made in 12 or 14 gauge jewelry wire,  and because of this heavy gauge of wire, it is likely that this project is not appropriate for a beginner.   The instructions for making this jewelry stand begin below.

Step-by-step instructions for making a bead stand out of jewelry wire using WigJig jewelry tools.

Step 1:  Cut a segment of 12 or 14 gauge jewelry wire 12.5" long for a 3" tall stand, 13.5" tall for a 4" tall stand or 14.5" tall for a 5" tall stand.  In the stand at right, we used tinned copper wire. 

Step 2:  Make a loop in one end of the jewelry wire.  The technique for making a loop in larger gauges of jewelry wire is discussed here.

Step 3:  Straighten your jewelry wire by holding the loop in the wire and pulling the rest of the wire repeatedly through the jaws of your nylon jaw pliers.  With 12 gauge jewelry wire you may find that it will help to straighten the wire by hammering it against a cutting board or Wire Press using a nylon hammer or rawhide mallet. 

Step 4:  Position one regular metal peg and one 2" Larger Round Super Peg in your WigJig jewelry tool as shown below-left.  Place the initial loop in your jewelry wire on the metal peg.

Step 5:  Wrap your jewelry wire tightly around the Super Peg.  Remove the wire from your jewelry making jig.  With larger gauge jewelry wire like this you may find that it will help to remove the wire and the Super Peg from the jig and reposition the wire on the Super Peg and then hammer the jewelry wire into the Super Peg with a nylon hammer to help the wire to tightly follow the round shape of the Super Peg.  You will also need to bend the initial loop slightly so that it will lay flat in the same plane as the circle of wire.  This will require a small adjustment using your bent chain nose pliers.  When the jewelry wire naturally assumes a round shape, laying flat as shown below-right, you are ready to go to the next step. 


Step 4 to instructions for making a Jewelry Stand showing WigJig jewelry making tools used  to shape jewelry wire. Step 5 to instructions for making a Jewelry Stand showing jewelry wire shaped on WigJig jewelry making tools.
Step 4 Step 5

Step 6:  Now we need to bend the jewelry wire tail to a vertical position.  This is done by grasping the wire with your bent chain nose pliers about 3/16" from the point where the jewelry wire overlaps in the picture shown at right.  Hold the wire tightly in your pliers and make a 90 degree bend in the wire.  When completed the end of the jewelry wire should point up when the circle of wire is laid flat on a table.  Adjust the position of the wire tail by eye until it is vertical as shown at left. 

Step 7:    Now we need to make a "U" shaped bend in the end of the jewelry wire.  First make certain that the end of the wire has a flush instead of sharp end.  If the end is sharp, cut 1/8" of wire off the end with the flat side of your flush cutter toward the finished piece.  Grasp the wire in your Step Jaw Pliers or your Round Nose Pliers and make a bend of at least 180 degrees as shown at right.

Step 6 to instructions for making a Bead Stand by shaping jewelry wire using common jewelry tools.



Step 7 to instructions for making A Bead Stand showing shape of jewelry wire after shaping with jewelry tools.

Step 6 Step 7

Step 8 to instructions for making a Bead Stand out of jewelry wire shaped using jewelry making tools.

Step 8:  Now we go back to our WigJig jewelry tool and using a 1" Larger Round Super Peg and one metal peg we make a semi-circular bend in the end of the wire, using the "U" shaped bend to hook on the regular metal peg.  Because we used a 2" Super Peg for the base of the stand and a 1" Super Peg for the top of the stand, the "U" shaped bend in the end of the jewelry wire should naturally end up over the middle of the stand.  You may need to orientate the loop slightly so that it is centered.  In the stand shown at right, I did hammer the straight segment of wire between the 2" circle and the 1" semi-circle using a nylon hammer.  The wire was placed on a flat surface and hammered to fully straighten the wire.  (I used an anvil, but a bench block or cutting board or Wire Press would also work fine.) 

Summary of Jewelry Stand Project:

This completes our Bead Stand.  For an earring stand you will probably want at least 4" of height.  For a bracelet stand, 5" of height is recommended.  This stand will work well for a single earring, bracelet or bead, but will not work well for display of more than one jewelry making project.




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