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Wire Gauges by Jig

Information on what size jewelry wire should be used with any WigJig jewelry making tool:

Wire gauge is an important factor to consider when designing.  WigJigs and the Twist 'n' Curl have been designed for a wide variety of wire gauges.  The recommended gauges for each tool are listed below.  In some cases you may find that a particular design will work with a wire gauge somewhat smaller or larger than those indicated.  Also, wire gauges "in between" these sizes will work.


  • Olympus: 12G to 20G

  • Delphi: 18G to 22G

  • Twist 'n' Curl Basic: 20G to 26G

  • Mini Twist 'n' Curl:  22G to 34G

  • Spool Knitters:  24G to 28G



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