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"P" Loops

Instructions in using the round nose pliers jewelry tool to make "P" loops in jewelry wire:

Making "P" Loops out of jewelry wire using common jewelry making tools.The first technique or skill for making jewelry wire components that we will discuss is how to make a "P" Loop.  The "P" loop is called a "P" loop because it resembles the letter "P".  This is one of the most basic skills required in making jewelry.  You can view a properly made "P" loop at right.  The steps for making almost all jewelry wire components begin by making a "P" loop.

Begin making a "P" loop by grasping a straight segment of jewelry wire with your round nose pliers.  Grasp the wire so that only a very small amount of wire shows on the opposite side of your round nose pliers as shown below-left.

While holding the jewelry wire firmly in the jaws of your round nose pliers, push the wire around the jaw of your pliers as far as you can until the jaws of the pliers prohibit you from pushing any further. 

Step 1 to instructions for making a P Loop showing gripping the jewelry wire in common jewelry tools. Instructions for making "P" Loops Step 2 showing shaping the jewelry wire using jewelry making tools.

Instructions for making A "P" Loop out of jewelry wire Step 3 using jewelry making tools to shape the wire.
Instructions for Making "P" Loops out of jewelry wire showing finished loop.
Grasp Wire Push Wire Re-position Wire Finished "P" Loop

If you look very closely at the wire in your pliers you will note the the loop has a very small opening where the rounded wire piece does not touch the straight wire piece.  We need to close this small gap or opening.  We do this by repositioning the wire in the jaws of your pliers so that you will have plenty of room to push the wire and close the small gap.  Slide the loop as far down the jaws of your pliers as you can and firmly grasp the wire.  Push the wire so that the gap is closed.  The resulting "P" loop should have straight wire connected to the rounded "P" with almost no gap between the start of the wire and the straight wire segment that forms the backbone of the "P". 

For more information on making "P" Loops please select here to view our jewelry making video.

You can view more pictures on making "P" loops here

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

Above we describe perhaps the first jewelry making skill that every jewelry wire crafter must learn.  This is not a difficult skill, but you will get better with practice.  Please select here for more instructions in making a loop in jewelry wire using common jewelry tools including showing common errors



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