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Interchangeable Yokes

Instructions for making an Interchangeable Yoke Necklace using WigJig jewelry tools, beads, jewelry wire and other jewelry supplies


In this jewelry making technique, we will explain how to make a necklace where the yoke, or center piece of the necklace is interchangeable.  The concept in making an Interchangeable Necklace is simple.  A string of beads is made between 16 and 24 inches long with a clasp on either end.  The clasps on the end are used to connect to slightly larger than normal loops on either end of your yoke or other centerpiece.  Because of this unique construction, when this necklace is worn the clasps for the necklace are worn in front instead of in back. 

Almost any kind of decorative clasp can be used for this Interchangeable Necklace.  Lobster Claw Clasps will work well.  Our favorite is the Flemish Spiral Clasp shown at right.  Instructions for making the Flemish Spiral Clasp and the Classic Pearl Necklace can be found here.

Interchangeable Yoke Necklace Jewelry Making Project


To connect this strand of beads with a clasp on either end to a yoke or other center piece in a necklace, you need to have a center piece with a "catch", or other larger loop on the ends.  Just like the V Shaped Yoke shown at right, the large loops on either end allow connection of this yoke to the clasps on the strand of beads. 


V Shaped Yoke Jewelry Making Project


Making the large loops on either end of the yoke shown at right is relatively easy.  It involves about 3 inches of soft wire for each catch. 


V Shaped Yoke Jewelry Making Project Showing Catch Finding

Step-by-step instructions for making the Interchangeable Yoke using jewelry wire shaped on WigJig jewelry tools:


The peg pattern for making this catch is as shown at right, and uses one regular metal peg and a 3/16" Super Peg for the jig you are using. 

Step 1:  Straighten, cut and make a P-loop in a wire segment.  Place the loop on peg 1.



Peg Pattern for Making a Catch Jewelry Finding
Peg Pattern




Step 2:  Wrapping the wire around Peg 2, then wrap the wire around peg 1 as shown at right.



Step 6 for Making a Catch Jewelry Finding
Step 6


Step 3:  Remove the wire from the jig, and it should appear as shown at right. 

Step 7 for Making a Catch Jewelry Finding
Step 7



Step 4:  At this point, insert your fine step jaw pliers into the two loops of wire that were formerly around peg 1.  Grasp the wire tightly with your pliers, and wrap the wire tail tightly around the wire component approximately 2 times.  When this step is completed, your wire component should appear as shown at right.  

Making a Catch Jewelry Finding Step 8


Step 5:  The wire component is completed by cutting the excess wire with your flush cutters, and squeezing the end of the cut wire flat against the catch using either your bent chain nose pliers or your bent closing pliers

Making a Catch Jewelry Finding Step 9

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

The catch finding that you just made is connected to your yoke by wrapped bead links as shown at right.  Using this catch component on either end of our V Shaped Yoke jewelry wire component allows us to connect this component to a necklace with a clasp type of connector; thereby allowing us to change out this component for another.  This concept allows you to make one necklace and many yokes for a variety.

Click here for instructions on how to make this V-Shaped Yoke.

V Shaped Yoke Jewelry Making Project




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