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Rings - More Bling!

Instructions for making a ring using common jewelry making supplies:

Here are our instructions for setting a gemstone in a Filigree style four prong setting.  This type of setting is slightly more difficult to use than the snap in type of settings.  Setting gemstones in this Filigree setting is an advanced beginner's jewelry making project. 

The Filigree Ring setting that we used to make the Emerald Ring shown here is Item 3261 in our store.  This item is a size 7 ring (suitable for most adult females) and has a setting for a 10mm round gemstone. 

Step-by-step instructions for making the ring using common jewelry making tools:   Step 1 to Setting a Gemstone in a Filigree Ring Jewelry Making Project 

Step 1:  Hold the ring so that the setting is vertical and position the gemstone of the appropriate size in the setting as shown at left.  At this point, only gravity is holdingStep 2 to Setting a Gemstone in a Filigree Ring Jewelry Making Project the gemstone in place. 

Step 2:  Position your bent chain nose pliers as shown at right.  Now gently squeeze each of the four prongs down to hold the gemstone in place.  Work on opposing pairs of prongs.   If the prongs are numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4 in a clockwise direction, work on prong 1 then 3 followed by 2 then 4.  It is better to squeeze the prongs flat against the gemstone in a two After Step 2 to Setting a Gemstone in a Filigree type ring jewelry making project.step process.  Get each prong about 1/2 way to its final position with your first squeeze, then proceed to the next prong.  Once all four prongs are 1/2 way down, go back in the same order and squeeze the prong again Finished Filigree Ring Jewelry Making Projectuntil the prong rests against the gemstone.  See the close-up picture at left for a view of what the prongs look like when they are fully seated against the gemstone.  Be careful when squeezing the prongs so that your pliers don't slip.  Should your pliers slip, they may leave a tool mark on the ring. 


We hope that you will like our gemstone ring jewelry making projects.   This is a great way to use our inexpensive cubic zirconia and man-made gemstones to add a little color to your life.  A birthstone ring also makes a great gift.

Emerald 10mm Gemstone set in Filigree Ring setting -- Jewelry Making Project for BeginnersSummary of jewelry making project:

We hope our instructions for this project are clear.  We believe that setting a gemstone into this type of ring finding is a relatively easy jewelry making project and is suitable for an advanced beginner.  For those of you who decide to make this type of ring more than once you might want to consider investing in gemstone setting pliers like our item 4009




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