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Handmade Bails for Gemstones

Instructions for making gemstone jewelry using bails made of jewelry wire using our WigJig jewelry making tools:

Necklace Made with a Handmade Bail Jewelry Making FindingHandmade Round Bail Finding Made with Jewelry WireIt wasn't easy for us to figure out how to make a handmade bail finding out of jewelry wire, and have them turn out consistent and in a quality that was acceptable. We actually worked on developing the technique for how to do this for over 4 months.  After many failures, we have finally developed several techniques for making this finding. These techniques are rather simple to follow and make a very attractive bail.

Shown left and right, we have two different styles of bail finding. The teardrop style of bail finding can be found at right. The round bail finding can be viewed at left. A close-up of the round bail finding can be viewed below.  We also have a Triangular Jewelry Wire Bail Finding but don't have a picture here.  Please select the link below to find instructions for making all of our jewelry wire bail findings using our WigJig jewelry tools.

Please select here to navigate to our instructions for making these handmade jewelry wire bail findings.



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