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Rings - Tiffany Settings

Instructions for making rings by setting gemstones in a Tiffany finding using common jewelry making tools:

Garnet Tiffany Ring Jewelry Making Project

In these instructions, we will describe how to set a gemstone in a Tiffany style four prong setting.  This is a gemstone setting that dates back to the introduction of this setting in the late 1800's by Mr. Tiffany, a famous New York jeweler.  This is a jewelry making project that is entirely suitable for beginners. 

Setting a gemstone in a Tiffany type ring is very easy and is a project that it entirely suitable for beginners.  What you require is a Tiffany snap in setting like our Item 3262 for 8mm gemstones or Item 3263 for 6mm gemstones and the appropriate 8mm or 6mm round gemstone.  These settings make a size 7 ring suitable for most adult females.  The jewelry tools required are merely chain nose or bent chain nose pliers.  The steps involved in setting the gemstone are described in the following Step 1 to Setting a Gemstone in a Tiffanyl Style Ring jewelry making projectparagraphs.

Step-by-step instructions for setting a gemstone in a Tiffany ring setting using common jewelry tools:

Step 1:  Place the "table" or flat side of your gemstone on a table or cutting board as shown at left.  You can view the terminology for the parts of a gemstone here.  Step 2 to Setting a Gemstone into a Tiffany Ring jewelry making Project.

Step 2:  Position the ring finding with the 4 prong setting on top of the gemstone as shown at right.  Grasp the ring firmly in your thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand.

Setting a gemstone in a Tiffanyl Ring finding jewelry making projectStep 3:  Push down on the ring finding until all four prongs of the setting snap into position.  Once all 4 prongs are tightly gripping the gemstone, you are essentially done. 

Step 4:  Visually inspect all four prongs of the setting.  The groove in the setting should be tightly gripping the girdle of the gemstone.  In almost all cases, using the Tiffany Step 5 to Setting a Gemstone in a Tiffany Ring Jewelry Making Project showing adjusting the setting using common jewlery tools.setting we sell you won't have to make any adjustments.

Step 5:  With a Tiffany type of setting the process of tightening the stone in the setting is slightly different than with the Swirl 6 prong setting we discussed earlier.  With a Tiffany type of setting you tighten the setting by squeezing one pair of prongs together as shown at right.  Then you squeeze the opposite pair of prongs together.  You finish the tightening process by squeezing the prongs in the opposite orientation.  If you squeezed prongs 1 and 2 then 3 and 4 together in the first step of tightening, you would squeeze prongs 1 and 4 then 2 and 3 together.  This will bring all four prongs back into their original symmetrical shape.  \

Potential Problems:  Each end of the four prongs in this setting should have a lip used to hold the stone in place.  With many cast ring findings, the stone setter will need to cut this lip into the finding.  With the Tiffany setting that we sell, the lip has been pre-cut or cast into the shape.  Sometimes, the inside of that lip may need to be filed with a jeweler's file so that it can better hold the stone in place.  On rare occasions, you may find that the metal forming the lip (at the very tip of the prong) needs to be bent inward so that it can hook on the edge of the stone.  You may also find on rare occasions that one or more of the prongs in this setting need to be bent slightly inward using your chain nose or bent chain nose pliers so that the opening in the setting is very slightly smaller than the size of the stone in step 2 above.  Most settings won't require these adjustments, but it is possible that you may find a setting that does require these adjustments.  Remember these should be very small adjustments -- just a little filing or a little bending at a time. 

Please note that these instructions work for the Tiffany ring settings that we sell in our WigJig store.  A standard Tiffany setting may not work following these instructions for the simple reason that the standard setting often does not have the notch pre-cut into each of the four prongs.  For setting a standard Tiffany setting, you will need to cut the four notches, one in each prong.  Setting a gemstone in a standard Tiffany setting is definitely not a beginners project. 

Jewelry Making Supplies Required:


Ring Finding

8mm Sterling Silver, Size 7, Tiffany Ring, Item 3262 Any 8mm gemstone


Summary of Jewelry Making Instructions:

At first blush, setting a gemstone in a Tiffany setting may seem too advanced of a jewelry making project.  It did at first to us.  What we learned when we tried to set a gemstone in a Tiffany ring is that it was much easier than we had anticipated.  As with all jewelry making skills, you will get better with practice, but that doesn't mean that you won't be successful on your first attempt.  We were.  This is a case where perceptions do not match reality.  This jewelry making project is much easier than it looks.



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