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Jump Rings - Open

Free instructions for making an open jump ring jewelry finding using jewelry wire and common jewelry making tools

Open jump ring made out of jewelry wire shaped on common jewelry making tools.A jump ring finding is essentially a circle of jewelry wire used to connect two jewelry wire components.  Frequently people purchase jump rings rather than make them for the simple reason that this is something that a machine can do quickly and inexpensively.  Sometimes you find that you need a jump ring to finish a jewelry making project and just don't have any.  For that reason, it is important to know how to make jump rings.  For us at WigJig, we make all our jump ring findings using common jewelry tools and the jewelry making technique shown here. 

Jewelry Making Supplies Required:

Jewelry Making Tools Required:

  • About 2 inches of jewelry wire, normally 20 gauge
  • Fine Step Jaw Pliers
  • Flush Cutter

Jewelry Making Skills Required:

Instructions for making an open jump ring findings Step 1 showing shaping jewelry wire on common jewelry making tools.


The easiest way we have found to make jump rings out of jewelry wire is to use Step Jaw Pliers like our Fine Step Jaw Pliers .  Using these pliers, you make a coil of jewelry wire about 1 1/2 times around one of the steps in the jaws of the Instructions for making an open jump ring findings Step 2 showing jewelry wire after shaping on common jewelry tools.pliers. 

After this simple coil is completed, remove the jewelry wire from the pliers.  The initial part of this small coil will be flat and not rounded like the rest of the coil.  We need to cut this initial 1/8" of jewelry wire off the coil using our flush cutter, with the flat side of the flush cutter toward the main part of the coil.  This will leave us a flat cut on the end of the Instructions for making an open jump ring findings Step 3 showing jewelry wire shape after cutting the excess wire.wire for the coil.

Once we have completed that cut, we need to flip the coil over so that we can cut the opposite side of the coil, effectively giving us a complete circle of jewelry wire -- an open jump ring.  Again cut the wire with the flat side of your flush cutter toward the finished jump ring.Instructions for making an open jump ring findings Jewelry Making Technique Step 4

If you have made your cuts at the right places, you will have a perfect circle of wire with flush cuts on both ends of the jewelry wire.  This is your open Jump Ring. 

Jump rings are opened and closed using chain nose or bent chain nose pliers.  The technique for opening and closing jump rings is described here.  For additional assistance in closing a small gap in a jump ring, we recommend using Bent Closing Pliers.  These pliers have grooves in their jaws to help hole the jump ring while you give it a gentle squeeze to close a small gap in a jump ring. 

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

We hope these instructions for making jump rings out of jewelry wire using common jewelry making tools will be helpful.  Again, as mentioned above, we make our own jump rings whenever we need one for a jewelry making project.  It takes us less than a minute to make an open jump ring out of jewelry wire and this is time we are willing to spend to make this jewelry making finding.



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