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Instructions for making a handmade clasp finding using jewelry wire and WigJig jewelry tools:

A clasp is a jewelry making finding used to connect the ends of necklaces and bracelets so that they stay on the wearer.  One way of making a clasp is with a loop on one end of the bracelet or necklace and some form of hook on the other end.  As an alternative we also have clasps that are made of a larger loop on one end and a toggle type bar on the other end.   Most of these instructions for making clasps use our Super Pegs to make the larger rounded loops used in these jewelry wire components. Please select any picture below to view our detailed instructions for making that jewelry wire component. 

Clasp Jewelry Making Finding
Catch Jewelry Making Finding
Hook Jewelry Making Finding
S Hook Simple Catch Simple Hook


Toggle Clasp Jewelry Making Project Hook and clasp finding Clasp Jewelry Making Finding
Toggle Clasp Hook and Catch Alt. S Hook and Catch


Clasp Jewelry Making Finding

Hook and clasp finding
Hook from "Wire Design Basics Book 2" Online Book Advanced Hook and Catch


Summary of jewelry making instructions:

Frequently, we end up making our own hook and catch finding simply because we don't have a commercially made hook and catch finding that we like better.  Making your own clasps allows you to match the jewelry wire used in the rest of your necklace or bracelet project.  It also allows you to add a component that has some artistic interest, perhaps more interest than any clasp you could purchase.  We have used all of the above designs and find them quite acceptable alternatives to merely purchasing a clasp jewelry making finding.



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