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Instructions for making an "S" hook clasp using jewelry wire shaped on WigJig jewelry making tools.

The pattern for this clasp is slightly different from similar clasps that we have made in the past.  Normally we would make the hook component for this clasp with two 3/16" Super Pegs.  This time we modified the design to use one 3/16" and one 1/4" Super Peg.  The reason for this modification is that our set of Small Round Super Pegs has one of each size Super Peg from 3/16" to 1/2".  For many people this would mean that they would have to purchase two sets of our Small Round Super Pegs to make this style clasp.  With this design, anyone can make this clasp with only one of each size.  These instructions are written to be suitable for an advanced beginner.  They do not have as many pictures as we would use for a beginner's project.

Jewelry Making Supplies:

Jewelry Making Tools:

  • 18 or 20 round gauge jewelry wire
  • 20 or 22 gauge 1/2 round jewelry wire
  • Flush Cutter
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Chain Nose or Bent Chain Nose Pliers
  • Nylon Jaw Pliers
  • Any WigJig jewelry making tool
  • Super Peg for your WigJig tool

Step-by-step instructions for making a "S" hook clasp using WigJig jewelry tools to shape jewelry wire:Peg Pattern on WigJig Jewelry Tool for Handmade Jewelry Wire Clasp for Beaded Cage Necklace Jewelry Making Project

The peg pattern for making the hook component on our WigJig Centaur jewelry tool appears as shown at right.  The steps involved begin below.

Step 1:  Cut a three inch segment of 18 gauge jewelry wire.  Half-hard jewelry wire will work better.

Step 2:  Make a loop in the end of this jewelry wire using your Step Jaw Pliers or your Round Nose Pliers.

Step 3:  Straighten the jewelry wire by pulling it through the jaws of your nylon jaw pliers while holding the wire by the loop.

Step 4:  Position a regular metal  peg, peg 1, and a 1/4" Super Peg in your WigJig jewelry tool as shown above-right.  Place your initial loop on peg 1 and wrap the jewelry wire around peg 2 in the pattern on your jewelry making jig. 

Step 5:  Add a 3/16" Super Peg, peg 3, to your pattern on your WigJig jewelry tool and wrap the jewelry wire around peg 3.

Instructions for making a S Hook Clasp out of jewelry wire showing wire shaped on WigJig jewelry tools.Step 6:  Remove peg 2 and add a regular metal peg, peg 4.  Wrap the wire against peg 4 as shown. Removing peg 2 will give you more room to work to make wrap the wire around regular metal peg 4. 

Step 7:  Remove the jewelry wire component from your WigJig jewelry tool.  Using your Step Jaw Pliers (if you have them) or your Round Nose Pliers complete the loop in the jewelry wire where peg 4 was.  Try to make this loop the same size as the loop that was on peg 1. 

Step 8:  Using your flush cutter, cut the excess jewelry wire and close the loop made at peg 4 with your bent chain nose pliers. 

Step 9:  Harden and flatten the jewelry wire component by squeezing it is the jaws of your nylon jaw pliers.  If you have a bench block or anvil and a nylon or metal chasing hammer, hammer the wire component to further harden the piece.  You can optionally wrap fine gauge wire around the wire component to effectively close this loop.  Use 24 gauge round jewelry wire or 22 gauge 1/2 hard 1/2 round jewelry wire. See the picture of the finished clasp at the bottom of these instructions. 

Step 10 to instructions for making a catch portion of a clasp out of jewelry wire shapped on WigJig jewelry tools.Step 10:  Now we are ready to make the catch for this clasp.  Position one regular metal peg and one 3/16" Super Peg in your WigJig jewelry tool as shown below-left. 

Step 11:  Cut a 3" piece of 18 gauge jewelry wire, preferable 1/2 hard.  Make a loop in the end of this wire and straighten the wire by holding the loop and pulling the wire through the jaws of your nylon jaw pliers. 

Step 12:  Place your initial loop on the regular metal peg (with the loop pointing away from the Super Peg as shown below-left) and wrap your jewelry wire completely around the 3/16" Super Peg. 

Step 13:  Continue by wrapping your jewelry wire completely around the regular metal peg. 

Step 14:  Remove the jewelry wire from your WigJig jewelry tool and insert one jaw of your round nose pliers, or the stepped jaw of your step jaw pliers into both loops made on the regular metal peg.  Push the wire down the jaws of your pliers as far as it will go and grasp the wire firmly.  Hold the pliers in your non-dominant hand and with the thumb of your dominant hand, push the wire tail so that it wraps around the wire component about 2 times. 

Pattern for handmade jewelry wire Catch for Caged Beads Necklace shown on WigJig jewelry tool. Instructions for handmade Catch for Clasp Step 13 showing jewelry wire being shaped on WigJig jewelry tools.
Step 14 to instructions for making a jewelry wire Clasp showing wire after removal from WigJig jewelry tool.
Step 12 Step 13 Step 14

Step 15:  Remove the jewelry wire from the jaws of your pliers and cut the excess wire. 

Step 16:  Using your bent chain nose pliers, flatten the cut wire tail.  You will probably need two pair of pliers to do this.  Use one pair to hold the loop in the catch and squeeze and twist with the other pair to flatten the cut end of the wire.  You can use your nylon jaw pliers to hold the loop in the catch, but you will probably find that the nylon jaw pliers are too slippery and that chain nose pliers or bent chain nose pliers will work better when holding the loop.  The finished S Hook and Catch should appear as shown below.

Clasp for Caged Beads Necklace Jewelry Making Project made out of jewelry wire using WigJig jewelry making tools.

Summary of instructions for making a handmade clasp out of jewelry wire shaped by common jewelry tools:

The clasp shown above made for our Caged Beads Necklace is a good example of why you would make your own clasp finding.  This necklace using caged beads as the focal beads for the necklace.  The caged beads are made out of 14/20 gold-filled jewelry wire and any clasp that wasn't exactly the same color would look wrong on the necklace.  Finding a commercial clasp to exactly match 14k gold-filled jewelry wire is rather difficult and this handmade clasp worked perfectly to complete this jewelry making project.  If you would like to view other instructions for making clasp findings out of jewelry wire shaped by WigJig jewelry tools please select the link below.



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