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Pearls, Crystals & Gemstones

Instructions for making Pearls, Crystals & Gemstones Necklace #2 out of bead-stringing wire, beads and jewelry making supplies using common jewelry tools:

This necklace combines white Swarovski Crystal Pearl beads with clear Swarovski crystal beads and colored semi-precious gemstone beads.  The semi precious beads provide color, the crystals provide shine and the pearl beads provide the classic look.  The combination is exquisite.  We wish our picture could do this necklace justice. 

Pearl beads with crystals necklace made using common jewelry tools and jewelry making supplies.

Jewelry Making Supplies:

  • 30 inches of .019 or .024 Soft Flex beadstringing wire or Soft Touch bead stringing wire
  • One purchased clasp
  • See details at the end of the design for more infomation on the beads used.
  • Twelve 8 mm Swarovski White Crystal Pearl Beads
  • Six 6mm Swarovski White Crystal Pear Beadss
  • Twenty-eight 4mm Swarovski White Crystal Pearl Beads
  • Eight 8mm Swarovski Round Crystal (or Crystal AB) beads (either 25 or 50 faceted beads will do)
  • Four 6mm Swarovski Round Crystal (or Crystal AB) beads (either 25 or 50 faceted beads will do.)
  • Seven 8mm round semi-precious gemstone beads (jade beads are shown at right.  Any gemstone beads will do.)
  • Twelve 6mm round semi-precious gemstone beads.  (If you have them you can substitute six 4mm beads for six 6mm beads.)
  • About 160 size 11 crystal S/L seed beads if you choose a silver clasp or 160 1x1mm gold filled crimp beads for a gold-filled clasp.
  • Four 2x2mm tube style crimp beads.


Jewelry Tools Required:

Instructions for making Pearl and Crystal Beads Necklace using beads, jewelry supplies and common jewelry tools.

Jewelry Making Skills Required:

The easiest way to make this necklace is begin by cutting a 30 inch segment of Soft Touch or Soft Flex silver bead stringing wire in the .019 or .024 size.  Either size will work.  If you have a choice, we recommend Soft Touch because the finished product will be more supple and flexible.

Now, you will need to thread the beads onto this Soft Touch in the order we described below.  First, using one of your plastic hemostats, crimp the hemostat onto one end of your Soft Touch about an inch from the end.  This will prevent any beads from slipping off that end while you are working. 

At any time that you set this project down before it is finished, use your second plastic hemostat to crimp the other end of the Soft Touch.  Again this prevents you from playing follow the bouncing bead.  (This game is no fun.)

You build this necklace with a series of larger beads separated by either seed beads size 8 or 11, or by 1x1mm crimp beads.  Should you choose to use a gold-filled clasp, I recommend gold-filled 1x1mm crimp beads.  Should you choose to use a silver clasp, I recommend size 11 crystal silver lined (S/L) seed beads to separate the larger beads from one another.  This separation creates the visual effect of knotting the silk thread without the time consuming and difficult technique of actually tying a knot.  With the Soft Touch or Soft Flex used in this project, we will not be tying any knots but will use crimp beads to finish the necklace.

To make the center segment of this necklace start with an 8mm round Swarovski Crystal bead in either the bicone or round shape.  A Crystal AB bead may be preferable to a crystal bead, but this is a matter of personal choice.  After adding the Crystal or Crystal AB bead add a crystal silver lined seed bead in size 8 or 11 followed by an 8mm Swarovski Crystal Pearl bead in the white color.  Build the center segment with three crystal pearls, followed by one crystal or crystal AB bead, followed by three 8mm round semi-precious gemstone beads.  The middle of these gemstone beads is the center of your necklace.  Finish the other side of the center segment so that the beads in the Center Segment are symmetrical as shown at right. 

Pattern of beads in the Center Segment of the Pearl, Crystals and Gemstones necklace.

Pattern of beads for the middle segment of beads in the Pearl, Crystal and Gemstones Necklace.
Center Segment Middle Segment 1
Because we have chosen white crystal pearls and crystal or crystal AB beads, you can choose any color of semi-precious gemstone beads other than white.

The Middle 1 Segment begins with two 8mm round semi-precious gemstone beads (separated by a seed bead or crimp bead) followed by a 8mm crystal or crystal AB bead, then three 8mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls in the white color and a second 8mm crystal or crystal AB bead.  The middle segment ends with three round 6mm semi-precious gemstone beads.  Again, separate each of the larger beads from one another with a seed bead or a metal crimp bead.  (You do not need to crimp the crimp bead.  It is just being used as a spacer bead.)

The Middle 2 segment begins with a 6mm crystal or crystal AB bead (if you have one, in the segment at right, an 8mm bead was used.)  This is followed by three 6mm white Crystal Pearls and a second crystal bead.  The Middle 2 Segment ends with three semi-precious gemstone beads in either 6mm or 4mm size.

The end segment could begin with a 4mm crystal or crystal AB bead if you have one.  This bead is optional and was not used in the segment shown at right.  Then you add fourteen 4mm white Crystal Pearls.  Again, each larger bead is separated by seed beads.

Pattern of beads for the middle segment #2 of  the Pearl, Crystal and Gemstones Necklace. Pattern of beads for the end segment of beads in the Pearl, Crystal and Gemstones Necklace.
Middle Segment 2 End Segment

The clasp is separated from the end segment by a couple of extra seed beads.  After adding these seed beads, then add a 2x2mm crimp bead.  At this point, loop the Soft Touch through the loop in one side of your clasp and then back through the crimp bead.  Remove all slack in the Soft Touch by pulling it tight so that the crimp bead rests as close to the clasp as possible.  Now use your bead crimping pliers to squeeze this crimp bead closed.  The technique for finishing a crimp bead is shown here.

You can choose any style clasp for this necklace.  My personal favorite would be the 6mm magnetic clasp in either sterling silver or gold-filled. 

Clasp segment of the Pearls, Crystals & Gemstone Beads Necklace made with common jewelry supplies.
Clasp Segment

Pattern of beads for making the Pearls, Crystals and Gemstone Necklace using common jewelry tools.Complete this necklace by making the Middle 1, Middle 2, End and Clasp segments for the opposite side of the necklace.  When completed the necklace should appear as shown at right.

The parts that we recommend for making this necklace are provided below.  Because we used a variety of 8mm, 6mm and 4mm beads, this is a necklace where it will be easier to make the second necklace than it was to make the first.  The most difficult part of this project is getting all the supplies.  Once you have the supplies, it will be easy to make several of these Pearl Beads and Crystal Necklaces. 

We suggest that you try several different colored semi-precious stones.  The necklace at right used Jade, but this would look good with almost any gemstones.

Jewelry Making Supplies Used:

  1. 8mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls - White (Item 2723)
  2. 6mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls - White (Item 2711)
  3. 4mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls - White (Item 2717)
  4. 8mm Round Swarovski Crystal Beads (Item 1445)
  5. 8mm Round Swarovski Crystal AB Beads (Item 2665)
  6. 6mm Round Swarovski Crystal Beads (Item 2794)
  7. 8mm Round Swarovski Crystal AB Beads (Item 2795)
  8. 4mm Round Swarovski Crystal Beads (Item 2811)
  9. 8mm Round Swarovski Crystal Beads (Item 2812)
  10. Size 11 Crystal Silver Lined Seed Beads (Item 0002)
  11. 1x1mm gold-filled crimp beads (Item 0216)
  12. 2x2mm gold-filled tube style crimp beads (Item 0452)
  13. 2x2mm sterling silver tube style crimp beads (Item 0462)
  14. 8mm Round Jade Beads (Item 2109)
  15. 6mm Round Jade Beads (Item 2092)
  16. 4mm Round Jade Beads (Item 2074)
  17. 6mm Gold-Filled Magnetic Clasp (Item 0337)
  18. 6mm Sterling Silver Magnetic Clasp (Item 0339)


Earring made with matching beads to the Pearls, Crystals and Gemstone Beads Necklace.

Making matching earrings using beads and common jewelry supplies:

Matching earrings can be made for this necklace by combining crystal beads, crystal pearl beads and/or semi-precious gemstone beads on a head pin as shown at right.

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

In our free instructions, above, we have broken the design of a bead stringing project down into tasks that an engineer could understand.  This isn't the approach that many artists take, but is is a way of designing a necklace that incorporates symmetry and order so that the resulting design does not appear random.  We like this approach, but it might not be right for everyone.



Completed Pearls, Crystals and Gemstone Beads Necklace made with common jewelry making supplies.

Pearl Beads, Crystal Beads & Gemstones Necklace













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