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Gemstone Pendants 1

Instructions for making Gemstone Pendant Necklace #1 out of jewelry wire, gemstones and jewelry supplies using common jewelry making tools:

Emerald CZ Necklace Jewelry Making Project

In these instructions, we will show how to make a pendant style necklace using one of our round simulated gemstones and the appropriate snap-fit type finding.  We will also show you where to purchase the findings in our Internet store.  Please view this type of necklace at right. 

Making a Gemstone Necklace with a Snap-Fit Finding

The steps for making the pendant necklace shown involve using a snap-fit type of setting.  Making the pendant itself is very simple and requires just a simulated gemstone and the pendant snap-fit finding in the same size.  Adding this to a necklace requires either 18 inches of commercial chain with a small clasp or 18 inches of commercial chain, a commercial clasp, 6 inches of 21 or 22 gauge wire and two 3mm round metal beads.

Jewelry Supplies Required:

Jewelry Tools Required:

  • Snap-Fit Pendant Finding
  • Round, diamond-cut gemstone sized to match snap-fit finding.
  • Necklace chain with clasp.
  • Materials to make necklace chain (Optional)
  • Bent chain nose pliers.
  • Bent closing pliers
  • Flush Cutter (if you make your own necklace chain.)
  • Round nose pliers (if you make necklace chain.)

Jewelry Making Skills Required:

  • Ability to push a snap-fit setting onto a gemstone.

Step-by-Step Jewelry Making Instructions for Setting Your Gemstone using common jewelry supplies:

Step 1:  Position your gemstone on a smooth, flat surface like a cutting board, with the flat side of the gemstone down and the pointed side up as shown below-left.

Step 2:  Position your snap-fit pendant finding on top of the gemstone as shown below-center.  Hold the setting in your non-dominant hand.  Be certain to use a setting that matches the size of your gemstone.  The prongs of the setting should appear to be slightly smaller than the oustide diameter of the gemstone.  If they aren't slightly smaller, bend each prong in slightly until they resemble the picture below-center. 

Step 3:  Using the thumb of your dominant hand, push down gently and symmetrically on the setting until all 6 prongs snap into position.  The only error that you can make is to push too hard.  If you push too hard it will flatten the finding and you will need to re-shape it as we describe in bold, blue text, below. 

Emerald Pendant Necklace Jewelry Making Project Step 1
Emerald Pendant Necklace Jewelry Making Project Step 2 Emerald Pendant Necklace Jewelry Making Project Step 3
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

Step 4:  You will need to squeeze each Emerald Pendant Necklace Jewelry Making Project Step 4opposing pair of prongs gently in the jaws of your bent chain nose pliers to ensure that they are snugly seated against the gemstone.  Do this for all three pair of opposing prongs.  This completes the pendant portion of the necklace. 

Step 5:  To complete the necklace, there are two options.  You can modify a commercial chain with a clasp to fit through the small loops at the top of the finding or you can make a custom necklace chain.  If you want to modify a commercial necklace chain with a clasp, please visit the web page here for our instructions on how to modify a commercial chain to fit.   If you want to make a customer necklace chain, we need to cut 18" of fine or medium commercial chain.  Using the gold-filled pendant setting shown here, the links of the chain must be 2mm wide or smaller so that they will fit through the loops in the setting.  You can view our selection of Sterling Silver Jewelry Chain here and our Gold-Filled Jewelry Chain here

Step 6:  We need to connect a clasp to either end of this chain.  The easiest way to connect the chain to your clasp is to use a jump ring or figure 8 connector.  You can view our free video on connecting components here.

Emerald Pendant Necklace Jewelry Making Project Step 6You can make a stronger and more permanent connection between the chain and the clasp using a wrapped bead link.  We make this connection using about 3" of 21 or 22 gauge wire on either side.  1/2 hard wire is preferred if available.  Connect each side of the chain to your clasp, using a wrapped bead link and a 3mm metal bead.  You can find instructions on how to make the wrapped bead link out of jewelry wire and beads here.  We also have a video for Making a Wrapped Bead Link here

The clasp shown above-left is a 6mm magnetic clasp, but any commercial clasp will work. 

Emerald CZ Snap-Fit Necklace Jewelry Making Project

Please note that very rarely, the prongs in a snap type setting can be bent during shipping.  This doesn't happen often, but it has happened.  If this happens, in almost all cases, the prongs can be easily bent back into shape.  If you have a pair of chain nose pliers, this is the preferred tool to use to straighten the prongs.  The six prongs should form a circle that is smaller than the gemstone that you are setting. 

You can find the parts required to make this snap-fit, pendant gemstone necklace in the table below.  (We did not include the clasp and connectors between the chain and clasp in the table.  Any clasp will work along with a figure 8 connector, or jump ring, or wrapped bead link.) 

Parts Required to Make Snap-Fit Gemstone Pendant Necklace
Size Finding Chain Gemstone
6mm Gold-Filled 6 Prong -- Item 3226 Item 3319 Gemstone - 6mm round
8mm Sterling Silver 6 Prong -- Item 3181 Item 3308 Gemstone - 8mm round
8mm Sterling Silver 4 Prong -- Item 3180 Item 3308 Gemstone - 8mm round
8mm Gold-Filled 6 Prong -- Item 3143 Item 3319 Gemstone - 8mm round
8mm Gold-Filled 4 Prong -- Item 3179 Item 3319 Gemstone - 8mm round
10mm Sterling Silver 6 Prong -- Item 3218 Item 3308 Gemstone - 10mm round
10mm Gold-Filled 6 Prong -- Item 3217 Item 3319 Gemstone - 10mm round


Summary of jewelry making instructions:

If you want a quick and easy necklace making project that results in a gemstone necklace, then this may be the project for you.  This is a very easy necklace to make and takes litterally minutes.  If you want to get into making gemstone necklaces this might be the right project to start. 





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