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Gemstone Bezel Pendant

Instructions for making Gemstone Bezel Pendant Necklace out of jewelry wire, and jewelry making supplies using common jewelry tools:

Round Bezel Gemstone Pendant necklace Jewelry Making Project with White CZ This gemstone pendant necklace can be made with a gemstone and 18" of fine commercial chain, a split ring finding, a lobster clasp with jump ring finding, and a round bezel setting.  You can also make this necklace using a purchased commercial chain with clasp, the round bezel finding and a round gemstone.  This project is absolutely suitable for beginners and should only take about 10 minutes to assemble.  We also have a free video that shows how to make this necklace.  Please select here to view that video.




Jewelry Supplies Required:

Jewelry Tools Required:

  • 8mm Round Gemstone
  • 8mm Round Bezel Finding
  • Commercial necklace chain with clasp or 18" of chain, commercial clasp and split ring finding.
  • Bent Chain Nose Pliers






Jewelry Making Skills Required:

  • Bending Metal Tabs with chain nose pliers jewelry tool.
  • Opening/closing jump rings using bent chain nose pliers jewelry tool.
  • Opening split rings.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Setting the Gemstone using common jewelry tools:

Setting the gemstone in the round bezel setting is relatively easy.  You can view the setting, below-left and see a couple of the tabs in the setting that hold the gemstone in position. 

Step 1:  To set the stone in this setting, place the setting with the face down on a table.   Place your 8mm round gemstone with the face down on top of the setting.  The setting will be tight and will not allow the stone to fall to the bottom, so you will need to push the stone lightly but firmly until it falls into position. 

Step 2:  Once the stone is in position, pick up the combination gemstone and setting.  Hold the combination between your thumb and fore-finger on your non-dominant hand.  The point on the gemstone should be against your thumb and the pressure from  your thumb will hold the gemstone in position. 

Step 3:  Now, with your bent chain nose pliers in your dominant hand, squeeze tab one with one jaw of your pliers so that it is partially against the gemstone.  The opposite jaw of the pliers should rest against the face of the gemstone. 

Step 4:  Next, squeeze tab two. 

Step 5:  Follow, by squeezing tabs three then four.  At this point all four tabs should be bent partially down. 

Step 6:  Use your bent chain nose pliers and go back to each tab in turn and squeeze it fully against the gemstone.  When you are done, the gemstone should be held tightly in position by all four tabs.

Round Bezel Setting Jewelry Making Finding

Round Bezel Setting Jewelry Making Finding How to Set Stone
Round Bezel Finding Showing Tabs Round Bezel Finding with Gemstone

Assembly of the Necklace:

With the gemstone set, you are ready to begin making the necklace chain. 

By far, the easiest approach to assembly of this necklace is that you can purchase one of our 18 inch chains with a lobster clasp and simply thread the end of the chain through the bezel finding.  (You can view our selection of sterling silver chain here and gold-filled chain here.  Please note that some of our chain is pre-cut to 18" and has a clasp soldered in place and other chain is 24" long with no clasp.)  Please select here to view our free instructions on how to modify a commercial chain to allow it to work for this necklace.

Most people find that threading the chain across the finding in the gap over peg 1 and out in the gap over peg 3, will allow the necklace to hang better.  Please experiment with this.  You may find that it works better for you to thread the chain over peg 1 and out through the gap over peg 4, so that only one front-to-back brace is holding the chain.  Once the chain is threaded through the finding, sit back, breathe a sigh of relief and hold your now finished necklace at arms length so you can get a good look at it.  The necklace hangs better when worn than it would hanging from your fingers, but you can still admire your completed jewelry making project. 

Making a Necklace Chain Jewelry Making ProjectIf you want to make your own chain, begin by cutting the chain to length (normally18" of fine commercial chain) and thread one end of the chain through the the opening at tab 1 and out the opening at tab 4 in the round bezel finding.  As we discussed above, experiment with whether you like the round bezel hanging from one front-to-back brace or from two front-to-back braces.  Now add the clasp to one end of the chain.  The clasp shown at right, connects to the chain via a jump ring that comes with the clasp.  (Visit here for instructions on how to open a jump ring.)  On the opposite end of the chain we need to add a split ring used as the catch for the clasp.  Split rings work in the same way that you use when adding keys to a key ring.  For those of us who find it very difficult to open these small split rings, there are splint ring pliers that make this task very easy.   Once you are done adding the split ring, this necklace is completed. 

Please select  here to view our video of how to make this gemstone necklace.

Parts Required:

Size Bezel Finding Chain Gemstone
8mm Sterling Silver Round Bezel Finding, Item 3177 Item 3318 Any 8mm round gemstone
8mm Gold-filled Round Bezel Finding, Item 3169 Item 3319 Any 8mm round gemstone


Summary of jewelry making instructions:

When we say this is an easy jewelry making project, in this case we aren't exaggerating.  This necklace making project is really easy.  If you can use bent chain nose pliers, you can make this necklace. 



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