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Beaded Loop Ear Wire

Instructions for making Beaded Loop Ear Wire earrings using WigJig jewelry tools, jewelry wire, beads and common jewelry supplies:

These "Easy Earrings" use a finding we call an "Ear Drop", three head pins, three 4mm beads and an ear wire to make each earring.  For the earrings shown at right, I made a custom ear wire incorporating the same 4mm bead from the dangle into the ear wire.  I like to make my own ear wires for several reasons.  First, I like to decorate the ear wire in a manner that complements the earring body.  Second, I like to make larger ear wires than are sold as findings.  Since these earrings are rather light, a larger ear wire helps to keep them from getting lost.  Last, I like to wrap the ear wire closed using a wrapped loop (This is part of my personal style.) These jewelry making instructions will include the steps to make these ear wires as well as the Easy Earring.  You can choose to use an ear wire finding if you are in a hurry.

Easy Earrings jewelry making project made with WigJig jewelry tools, beads and jewelry supplies.   
Wrapped Loop Ear Wire with a Bead

        Jewelry Supplies Required:

Jewelry Tools Required:

  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flush Cutter
  • Chain Nose or Bent Chain Nose Pliers (2)
  • WigJig Cyclops jewelry tool
  • 3 metal pegs and one 1/4" or 5/16" Super Peg jewelry tools
  • Chasing Hammer
  • Anvil or bench block
  • 20 minutes of free time


Step-by-step instructions for making the beaded loop ear wire using jewelry wire and beads shaped on WigJig jewelry making tools:

Step 1:  The first step in making these ear wires is to place six 4mm beads followed by six round metal beads 2 or 2.5mm onto six head pin findings. 

Step 2:  Wrap one headpin with beads onto each of the three holes at the bottom of the two ear drops.

Step 3:  Connect the drops to your ear wire.  If you will make your own ear wire follow the steps below.

Easy Earrings jewelry making project made with WigJig jewelry tools, beads and jewelry supplies.
Wrapped Loop Ear Wire with a Bead


Step 4:  Position three metal pegs and one Super Peg on a WigJig Cyclops jewelry tool as shown as right.  Use a 1/4" Super Peg if you only have 1/2 hard jewelry wire.  Use 5/16" if you have soft jewelry wire. 

Step 5:  Grasp 3-1/2 inches of straight 20G jewelry wire with chain nose or bent chain nose pliers about 3/4" from the end.  Bend the wire to make an 85% angle.

Step 6:  Grasp the jewelry wire at the bend using your round nose pliers and make a 1/2 of a loop in the wire.   Reposition the jewelry wire in the grip of the round nose pliers to complete the loop. 

Peg pattern for Easy Earrings shown on WigJig jewelry tool.

Ear Wire Pattern
on WigJig Cyclops
Jewelry Tool


Step 7:  Place the loop just made on peg one of your jewelry tool.  Add your bead to the wire and slide it all the way down so that it rests against the loop just made.  Now using your bent chain nose pliers, grasp the wire and make a 90 degree bend just before the jewelry wire gets to Super Peg 2.  (Please note that the bead was omitted from the picture at right.)

Step 8:  Wrap the jewelry wire around Super Peg 2 and bend the wire against peg 3.  The wire should appear as shown at right. 

Step 9:  Cut the jewelry wire at peg 4 and remove from the Cyclops jewelry tool. 

Step 9 to instructions for making ear wire finding showing jewelry wire shaped on WigJig jewelry tool.

After Wrapping Wire


Step 10:  Now we need to harden the rounded part of this ear wire by hammering it on an anvil with a chasing hammer.  Hammer until the jewelry wire is visibly flattened.  Avoid hammering the bead as it can break.

Step 11:  Add the ear drop to the ear wire just made and wrap the loop closed (about 2 wraps around).  Cut the excess jewelry wire and flatten the loose end using two pair of bent chain nose pliers.  One to hold the ear wire the other to squeeze the wire tail flat. 

Step 12:  To finish this earrings jewelry making project, you need to smooth the ends of the cut wire with a cup bur.  Do this for both ear wires and admire your finished earrings. 

Easy Earrings jewelry making project made with WigJig jewelry tools, beads and jewelry supplies.
Wrapped Loop Ear Wire with a Bead


Making Alternative Earring Designs:

The three designs at right use three different ear drop findings and show how you can make Easy Earrings with any ear drop finding.  Our 4mm Ball with loop Post Style ear wire finding was used with all three of the earrings shown at right.

Beaded Easy Earrings Style 2 made with common jewelry supplies.  Beaded Easy Earrings style 3 made with common jewelry supplies.  Beaded Easy Earrings Style 4 made with common jewelry supplies.

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

If you haven't figured it out yet, we like making our own ear wires and when we make our own ear wires, we like to incorporate something unique into the design so that people will recognize that the ear wire wasn't purchased, it was made by hand.  Incorporating a 4mm bead as we have above is a good way to make your ear wire stand out as handmade.  We believe that this will differentiate your jewelry from the masses and suggest you consider making earrings with a handmade ear wire using beads in the ear wire that compliment the beads in the earring body.



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