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Half Drilled Pearls Earrings

Instructions for making 1/2 Drilled Pearl Earrings, made using common jewelry tools out of pearl beads, jewelry findings, and common jewelry supplies:

Making earrings with half drilled pearl beads

This jewelry making project combines round, half-drilled pearl beads with cup and post ear wire findings to make the earrings shown at right.  This is one of the easiest and quickest jewelry making projects you will ever do.  All it requires is the 1/2 drilled pearl beads, the cup with post type of finding in the right size for the beads you have and some jeweler's cement or similar glue.  We used GS-Hypo Tube Cement

6mm and 8mm are the most popular sizes of pearl beads used to make these earrings. 

This is a beginner's jewelry making project. 

Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry Tools Required

  • Any WigJig jewelry making tool
  • Glue (GS-Hypo Tube Cement is recommended)
  • 5 minutes of free time

Jewelry Making Skills Required:

  • Ability to use glue to glue beads in position

Step-by-step instructions for making Half Drilled Pearl Beads Earrings made using common jewelry tools out of jewelry findinga and common jewelry supplies:

Step 1:   Assemble the components.  You will need two 1/2 drilled pearl beads in 6mm or 8mm size, one pair of the appropriate finding for setting the size beads you choose and a pair of ear clutches.  In the close-up picture below-right, you can view the finding so that you can see both the cup and the post.  For 6mm beads, a sterling silver finding is Item 3289 and a gold-filled finding is Item 3290.  For 8mm beads a sterling silver finding is Item 3287 and a gold-filled finding is Item 3288.  You can view our select of 1/2 drilled pearl beads from the link above-right. 

Step 1 to Making Earrings with 1/2 Drilled Pearl Beads Step 1A to Making earrings with 1/2 drilled pearl beads

Step 2: Using a nail file, or a jeweler's file, file the area around the hole in the bead.  The manufacturing process results in a small amount of the pearl coating on the bead accumulating around the hole in the bead.  You will want to file this area until it is smooth and flat with the rest of the surface of the bead.  This should take about 10 -20 seconds of filing. 

Step 2 to Making earrings  with 1/2 drilled pearl beads showing earring finding resting in WigJig jewelry tool.Step 3:   Now place a WigJig jewelry tool face up on a table and set the long post from your finding into one of the holes in your WigJig.  As you can see at right, this holds the finding in position so that you will be able to easily apply glue to the shorter post within the cup.  The post itself has grooves that will help the glue to grip the metal.  Using GS-Hypo Tube Cement or similar glue, coat the short post and a small area around the post with glue.  Be careful that you don't apply too much glue, just enough to thoroughly coat the post and the area around the base of the post.  Step 3 to making earrings with 1/2 drilled pearl beads showing earring resting in WigJig jewelry tool to allow glue to dry.To spread the glue evenly you may want to rotate the finding with one finger as you apply the glue with the opposite hand. 

Step 4:   Slide your 1/2 drilled pearl bead onto the post.  Press down gently.  Allow to dry for about 30 minutes.  Leave the earring upright in your WigJig jewelry tool as the glue dries.  Step 4 to Making Jewelry with 1/2 Drilled Pearl Beads showing completed earring.

Step 5:  The final step, after your glue has completely dried, is to add your butterfly style ear clutch.  Now your earring is ready to be worn. 


For those of you who make and sell jewelry, this is an excellent project where you can purchase the supplies to make these earrings for less than $5 and make a pair of earrings in less than a minute.  Our opinion is that these earrings should sell well at prices less than $10.  We believe that having a low priced item like these earrings can get shoppers to stop and view your merchandise and therefore will also help to sell your more expensive merchandise.  These earrings also make great presents!

Pearl Beads Lever Back Earrings Jewelry Making Project First, we will discuss how to make the lever back earrings shown Lever Back Ear Finding for 8mm 1/2 Drilled Pearl Beadsat right.  These earrings use 8mm pearl beads and our lever back ear finding, Item 3323 or Item 3324.  You can view this finding at left.  Notice the metal cup with the post.  Making these earrings is very simple and is totally appropriate for a beginner to making jewelry.  All you do is apply jeweler's cement like Item 0359 in our Internet store, to the post.  Once the post is covered in cement, slide your 8mm pearl bead onto the post until it sits flush in the cup.  Then sit the earring down for about 10 minutes and allow the cement to set.  After the cement has set, your earring is ready to wear.  If there is an easier jewelry making Sterling Silver Filigree Bail for Setting 8mm 1/2 Drilled Pearl Beadsproject, we don't know what it is.  Gold-Filled Filigree Bail for Setting 1/2 Drilled 8mm Pearl Beads

Our second jewelry making project is making a necklace using a filigree bail setting.  We show two pictures of this necklace, one in sterling silver shown at right and one in gold-filled shown at left.  These two filigree settings are the same size, but display differently in these pictures.  The setting is actually 11mm by 6mm by 5mm in size so the picture at right is close to actual size.  You can Gold-Filled Filigree Bail Setting for 1/2 Drilled 8mm Pearl Beadsview the filigree bail setting shown below-left enlarged.  Adding your pearl bead to this setting is just as easy as making the lever back earrings described above.  Just add jeweler's cement like Item 0359 to the post in the setting, and then slide your 8mm 1/2 drilled pearl bead onto the post until it rest flush in the cup of the setting.   After adding the bead, set the combination finding and pearl bead down for about 10 minutes to allow the cement to set.  Once the 10 minutes are up, all you need to do is to add your chain and you have a finished necklace.  Because the loop in the filigree bail setting is large, all of our pre-made 18" chains and their clasps will easily fit through the loop in the finding.  The two necklaces shown above use our fine chain, Item 3306 in sterling silver and Item 3309 in gold-filled.  Our medium chain also looks great with this finding.  The medium chain that we would recommend is Item 3310 in gold-filled or Item 3307 in sterling silver.  We believe that these necklaces combined with similar pearl beads earrings will make great gifts. 

Next, we will show one more 1/2 drilled pearl beads jewelry making project.  This project will make earrings or a necklace. 

8mm 1/2 Drilled Pearl Beads Earrings using leverback ear wire and cup finding to hold pearl beads.

The earrings shown at right are slightly more difficult to make than the earrings we described above.  The finding that we use to set our pearl beads for these earrings is called a bead cap and it has a loop on one end for attaching the bead cap to earrings or to a chain.  Item 3325 is a gold-filled bead cap as shown at left.  Item 3326 is a sterling silver bead cap.  To make these earrings start by adding jeweler's cement like Item 0359 to the post in the bead cap finding.  Once the post is covered with cement, slide an 8mm 1/2 drilled pearl bead onto the post until it rests flush in the cup of the bead cap.  Then set the finding and pearl bead down for 10 minutes to allow the cement to set.  After the cement has fully set, then take your bent chain nose pliers and open the loop in your ear wire finding.  Once you have the loop open, slide the loop in the bead cap into position and then use your bent chain nose pliers to close Pearl Beads Jewelry made with common jewelry supplies.the loop.  That will complete your earring. 

In the earrings shown above-right, we used ear wire finding Item 0117 in our store.  We have many other ear wire findings and any of them would be suitable for making this style earring. 

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

For that formal occasion where you wear your black dress and want to ooze understated elegance, what better jewelry combination that the pearl beads drop earrings shown here with a filigree bail necklace.  You can view this combination on a mannequin at right.

8mm 1/2 Drilled Pearl Beads Chain Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectAlternative design for making earrings:

This alternative design uses two pearl beads per earrings and a short segment of commercial chain along with two jump rings per earring.  The supplies required to make the earrings n the gold-filled metal shown are one pair of ear wires, (Item 0117), four 6mm or 8mm 1/2 drilled pearls (either will work, in the picture at right we used 6mm), two segments of medium commercial chain each about 1 1/4" long (Item 2606 with the bright finish or Item 2904 with a finish to match our gold-filled wire.), two pair of the gold-filled bead cap for 1/2 drilled pearls (Item 3325),  and about 4" of 20 gauge round gold-filled wire (Item 3017).  Bent Chain Nose Pliers, a common jewelry tool, Holding Bead Cap During Glueing

In making these earrings we recommend that you consider using your bent chain nose pliers to hold the bead cap finding during gluing.  Since the pliers have a spring to hold the jaws open normally, we recommend using a couple of rubber bands wrapped around the handles of the pliers to hold the jaws closed.  This effectively turns your bent chain nose pliers into a mini-bench vise.  In the large pictureClose-up of Bent Chain Nose Pliers Holding Pearl Bead & Finding above-left you can see how the rubber band holds the jaws of the pliers closed.  In the smaller picture at right, you can view the how the tips of the pliers are used to grasp the small loop in the bead cap finding.  Bead Cap Jewelry Making Finding used to make pearl beads earrings and pendants.The enlarged picture at left shows a close-up view of the bead cap finding.  Use your pliers to hold the loop in the bead cap finding, while you spread glue on the post in the finding.  After you have spread the glue on the post, then insert the 1/2 drilled bead onto the post and allow to sit.  After a minute or two you can remove the pearl bead and finding from your pliers, but continue to allow the glue to dry overnight before proceeding. 

Pearl Beads with Chain Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectAfter you have glued four pearl 1/2 drilled beads onto the bead cap finding and allowed them to harden overnight, you are ready to continue.  Using the 20 gauge wire make four small jump rings as described here.  Use the smallest step on your fine step jaw pliers to make the jump ring.  By doing this the jump ring will closely match the size of the links in the chain.    Cut two segments of medium chain, each about 1 1/4" long.  For the chain shown here, our Item 2606, we cut segments of chain that were 10 links long.  Open the loop in the bottom of the ear wire finding (Item 0117) and connect that loop to the 7th link from one end of the chain, then close the loop in your ear wire.  (This way the pearl beads hang at two different levels as shown.)   Opening and closing loops is done with your bent chain nose pliers as described here.  To finish these earrings, you open the loop in the jump rings you made and connect that loop to both one of the loops in the bead cap finding and to one of the bottom loops in your chain.  Once you have the jump ring attached to both the chain and the end cap finding, close the loop in the jump ring.  Use Bent closing pliers to help closing the loop if required.  Do this for both ends of the chain on each earring. 

These earrings make great birthday presents for someone born in June, as pearls are the birthstone for June. 



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