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Simple Bead Dangle Earrings

Instructions for making Simple Bead Dangle Earrings using jewelry tools, jewelry wire, beads and common jewelry supplies:

Ear wire jewelry making findingMaking simple earrings is as the name applies, simple.  If you can make a bead dangle and you can open and close loops, you can make these simple earrings.  The required jewelry supplies are two head pins, two or more beads, some jewelry wire, and a pair of ear wire findings.  This is a beginner's jewelry making project.

For those unfamiliar with findings, a finding is a metal component that is pre-made and sold as a complete component. A head pin is one type of finding.   Ear wire findings come as "French" style ear wires, post style ear wires, kidney shaped ear wires, ear clips and many more.  You can view several styles of ear wire findings here

Jewelry Making Supplies:

Jewelry Making Tools

  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Bent Chain Nose Pliers (2)
  • Fine Step Jaw Pliers

Jewelry Making Skills Required:


Bead Dangle Jewelry Making TechniqueBegin by making two bead dangles out of head pin findings and beads.  Now open the loop on your ear wire finding.  Add the loop in the bead dangle to the loop in the ear wire finding and close the loop in the ear wire finding.  Now you have a simple earring. 



Jump Ring Jewelry Making FindingLet's first modify the simple earring by adding a jump ring, or a simple circle of jewelry wire to connect the ear wire finding to the bead dangle.  You can open and close the jump ring to connect the two components.  Please note the orientation of the loop in the bead dangle and the loop in the ear wire finding.  They will be rotated 90 degrees from their original orientation. 


Figure 8 Connector Jewelry Making FindingFinally, connect the ear wire finding to the bead dangle by a figure 8 connector made out of jewelry wire, and note that the orientation of the loop in the ear wire and the loop in the bead dangle are the same as when we directly connect the ear wire to the bead dangle.  Given that the orientation is the same, is there a reason for using a figure 8 connector?  The simple answer is yes, there are several reasons.  The figure 8 connector adds a hinge in the ear ring that allow the bead dangle to move in more directions than if directly connected.  The figure 8 connector also adds distance between the ear wire and the bead dangle. 

Complete this jewelry making project by making a pair of earrings using the same combination of bead dangle, ear wire, and connector (either none, a jump ring, or a figure 8 connector.)

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

Making an earring out of an ear wire finding and a bead dangle is one of the most basic jewelry making tasks.  This is a simple jewelry making project that is suitable for advanced beginners. 





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