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Classic Hoops

Instructions for making the Classic Hoop jewelry wire and beads earrings using WigJig jewelry making tools:


This Classic Hoop Earrings jewelry making project is an easy project.  The earrings are a close match to the  common hoop earrings made commercially by casting.  The instructions can be modified by increasing the amount of jewelry wire used and using a larger Super Peg to make a larger hoop.  They can also be made with a bead dangle to add a new look to a classic design.

This is an advanced beginner's jewelry making project.  

Classic Hoop Earrings jewelry making project

Classic Hoop Earring

Jewelry Making Supplies Required:

Jewelry Tools Required:

  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flush Cutter
  • Chain Nose or Bent Chain Nose Pliers
  • Cup Bur
  • Any WigJig acrylic jewelry tool
  • 2 metal pegs and one 5/16" Super Peg
  • 30 minutes of free time

Step-by-step instructions for making the Classic Hoops Earrings out of jewelry wire and beads using WigJig jewelry tools:


Step 1:  Begin by cutting 10 inches of 1/2 hard jewelry wire either Sterling Silver, gold or gold-filled.  Straighten the jewelry wire.  Now grasp the wire 1 7/8 inches from the end and make a bend in the wire of about 80 degrees as shown at right. 


Instructions for making Classic Hoop Earrings using jewelry wire and beads, step1
Step 1


Step 2:  Grasp the long segment of the jewelry wire as near the bend as possible using your round nose pliers.  Now make a loop as you would for a wrapped loop.  To do this properly, you will need to reposition your grip with the round nose pliers to complete the loop. 

Step 2 for making Classic Hoop Earrings using WigJig jewelry making tools.
Step 2

Step 3:  Insert the round nose pliers into the loop you just made and wrap the long wire segment around the shorter wire segment until all the jewelry jewelry wire is used and the piece appears as shown at right.  Use your chain nose or bent chain nose pliers to squeeze the end of the wrapped wire tight. 
Instructions for makign Classic Hoop Earrings jewelry making project, step 3

Step 3

Step 4:  Using any WigJig jewelry tool, a 5/16 inch Super Peg and two metal pegs position the Super Peg in the jig.  Place one of the metal pegs near the Super Peg, leaving enough room so that the loop in the wire can fit over the peg and has room next to the Super Peg.  The outer row of the WigJig Cyclops jewelry tool works perfectly for this design, as shown at right.  Wrap the wire component around the Super Peg.  With 1/2 hard jewelry wire, you will need to wrap slightly more than one full loop around the Super Peg.  Position the second metal peg to indicate how far you wrapped the wire.  Remove from the jewelry making jig and finish the piece by hand.

Instructions for making Classic Hoop Earrings using jewelry making wire and beads, step 4

Step 4



Step 5:  Round the end of the jewelry wire using a Cup Bur (the part that goes through the ear.)  Add an ear clutch and the Classic Hoop Earrings are completed.



Completed Classic Hoop Earrings jewelry making project view 1   Finished Classic Hoop Earrings jewelry making project view 2
Finished Hoop Earrings

Alternative jewelry making design:

One alternative design for these earrings is to add a bead dangle to the loop in these earrings.  This alternative is shown at right.

Please remember that Artistic Wire is shown in these pictures because it is easy to photograph.  Do not use Artistic Wire to make these earrings.  Use only gold, gold-filled, sterling silver or stainless steel jewelry wire for ear wires like these. 

Summary of jewelry making instructions: 

This design is a modification of the classic design for hoop earrings.  We have made the earrings out of 20 gauge jewelry wire wrapped around itself.  The end result are earrings that are stronger, bolder and more interesting than earrings made out of a single strand of wire.  Because of the way that we make these earrings you can make the earring body in one of many different sizes from the 5/16 inch size shown here up to 1 inch or larger.  Just replace the 5/16 inch Super Peg in the pattern on your WigJig jewelry tool with a larger Super Peg.  If you need some everyday earrings that are attractive but understated to wear to work, perhaps this earring design could meet your needs. 


Alternative to Classic Hoop Earrings design using added beads.
Alternative Design




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