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Duplex Wire Earrings

Instructions for making Duplex Wire Earrings out of jewelry wire, beads and jewelry making supplies using WigJig jewelry tools

This set of jewelry making instructions is for several earring designs using the link for the Duplex Wire Bracelet.

Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry Tools Required:

  • Nylon jaw pliers
  • Flush cutter
  • Round nose pliers
  • Bent chain nose pliers
  • WigJig jewelry tool

Jewelry Making Skills Required:

The first design is for matching earrings for your bracelet.  Using six 6mm beads, six head pins, and one commercial ear wire finding we can easily make matching earrings.  Use the two extra duplex wire components that we made in step 12.  Attach three bead dangles to the bottom three loops in each duplex wire component using your head pins and beads. Connect the top of the duplex wire component to your ear wire finding using a modified figure 8 connector made out of jewelry wire.

Duplex Wire Earrings made with light amethyst beads, gold jewelry wire and common jewelry supplies. Duplex Wire Earrings made with beads and jewelry wire using WigJig jewelry tools.


The second alternative configuration is to consider using the horizontal/vertical alignment of your WigJig jewelry tool instead of the diagonal.  This pattern is shown at right.  This pattern will make a bracelet that is wider.

Peg pattern for making Duplex Wire Earrings showing jewelry wire shaped on WigJig jewelry making tool.

The third alternative configuration is to add a bead to the middle of the "middle" wire component as shown at right.  This is accomplished by making the initial loop, then adding the bead, then making the final loop.
Duplex Wire Bracelet made from jewelry wire, violet beads and common jewelry making supplies.

The final alternative when you are really ambitious is to go for triplex.  This is a three layer bracelet made using the jewelry wire components shown at right.

Instructions for making Duplex Wire Earrings showing peg pattern on WigJig jewelry tools to shape jewelry wire.

Remove the jewelry wire from the WigJig jewelry tool and cut the excess jewelry wire with the flat side of your flush cutters toward the finished piece.  Close the final loop made around peg 6 with your bent chain nose pliers.  Your duplex wire component should now appear as shown at right.  Make three of these duplex wire components for your bracelet and two more for matching earrings.

Duplex jewelry wire component made using WigJig jewelry making tools.

Duplex Wire Component

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

In our WigJig world, the Duplex jewelry wire component is the second most important jewelry wire component.  This is for the simple reason that it was the second jewelry wire component that we made in quantity.  (The Flemish Spiral jewelry wire component was the first.)  If you follow the link to the bracelets we made out of the Duplex jewelry wire component you will see that we have made some very nice bracelets using this component.  We like the concept of making sets with common components.  In this case, we made earring to match the bracelets.  We also like the concept of scale.  For the earrings we try to use the same component, but made in a different size.  With our WigJig jewelry tools we are easily able to make the same component for earrings and for bracelets.  We are also able to make the component in different sizes using our WigJig Olympus or Olympus Lite jewelry tools to make the bracelet component and using our WigJig Delphi or Centary jewelry tools to make the earring component.  Try making some bracelet and earring sets and see of people notice.  We think they will.




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