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Deluxe Duplex Beaded Earrings

Instructions for making Deluxe Duplex Beaded Earrings out of jewelry wire, beads and jewelry supplies using WigJig jewelry tools:

The earrings shown at right are the matching earrings for the Deluxe Duplex bracelet.  These earrings are made with the same duplex and 2:1 wire components used for the bracelet.  For the earrings shown at right, the WigJig Delphi or Centaur jewelry tool was used to make the wire components while the WigJig Olymus or Olympus Lite jewelry tool was used for the bracelet components.  This creates a slightly smaller earring component than that used in the bracelet. 

The materials required to make these earrings are 10 inches of 20 gauge jewelry wire (preferably 1/2 hard), 10 inches of 22 gauge jewelry wire (preferably 1/2 hard), one pair of ear wire findings, 8 head pins, 12 four mm beads, and 8 2x4mm bugle beads. 

This is an advanced beginner's jewelry making project.

Deluxe Duplex Earrings Jewelry Making Project made with Swarovski 4mm crystal beads and common jewelry supplies  Deluxe Duplex Earrings Jewelry Making Project made with ruby beads and common jewelry supplies.

Deluxe Duplex Earrings

Jewelry Making Supplies Required:

Jewelry Making Tools Required

  • Nylon Jaw Pliers
  • Flush Cutter
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Step Jaw Pliers (Optional)
  • Bent Chain Nose Pliers
  • WigJig jewelry tool

Jewelry Making Skills Required:

Instructions for making the Deluxe Duplex Earrings out of jewelry supplies, beads and jewelry wire using WigJig jewelry tools:

Using the instructions provided for the  bracelet, use the 20 gauge jewelry wire to make two duplex wire components and two 2:1 wire components. 

Connect one duplex wire component to one 2:1 wire component using the 22 gauge jewelry wire and a pair of 4mm beads.  Make two wrapped bead links, one with each 4mm bead to connect the two wire components. 

Once the 2:1 wire component and the duplex wire components are connected, thread a 4mm bead and a 2x7mm bugle bead onto a head pin and connect that combination to one of the empty loops in the duplex wire component.  Do this for a total of four loops in the duplex wire component. 

When you have completed four head pins with beads hanging one each from the loops in the duplex wire component, then open the loop in your ear wire finding and connect the single loop at the top of the 2:1 wire component to the ear wire finding, then close the loop in the ear wire finding. 

Follow these same steps to make your second earring. 

The beads used in the earrings shown are Swarovski 4mm Ruby Bicone beads, Item 2497, and Crystal 2x4mm Bugle Beads with Luster, Item 1880 in our  store.  The ear wire finding show is a Gold-Filled Lever Back Ear Clip, Item 0117

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

We like the concept of sets of bracelet and earrings with common jewelry wire components.  We also like the concept of scale where the jewelry wire components are larger when used in the bracelet and smaller when used in an earring.  By making one component on our WigJig Olympus or Olympus Lite jewelry tools, you can make the larger bracelet component.  By making the second component on our WigJig Delphi or Centaur jewelry tools, the earring body will be similar in shape, but smaller.  If you made the Deluxe Duplex Bracelet, we suggest that you also make these earrings. 



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