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Double 8 Earrings

Instructions for making Double 8 Earrings out of jewelry wire, beads and jewelry supplies using WigJig jewelry tools

Double 8's Jewelry Wire Earrings - Jewelry Making Project made with copper jewelry wire shaped using WigJig jewelry tools.

Double 8's Earrings Jewelry Making Design made using silver jewelry wire, common jewelry supplies and crystal beads.

This is our matching earring design for our Double 8's Bracelet.  These larger and bolder earrings are shown left and right.  The basic wire component for these earrings is the same Double 8 wire component that we used in the matching bracelet. Each earring requires three of these Double 8 wire components along with a top wire component and a "V" shaped bottom wire component.  The pattern for the top and bottom wire components can be viewed below.  Use the same jewelry wire for the top and bottom wire components as you used for the double 8 wire components.  In the earrings at left, we used 18 gauge jewelry wire.  In the earrings at right, we used 20 gauge jewelry wire. 

For the top jewelry wire component shown at left, we wrapped the beginning and ending wire segments around the basic wire component.  This makes these two loops closed loops. 

For the bottom wire component, we made that with a slightly different peg pattern, but otherwise used the same technique as for the regular double 8 wire component.  We wrap the beginning and ending wire across the middle of the bottom wire component and with the excess wire, made an eye loop at the bottom. 

These earring designs are advanced beginner's jewelry making projects.  

Jewelry Making Supplies:

Jewelry Tools Required:

  • 20 gauge jewelry wire
  • Head pins
  • Beads
  • Ear Wire Findings
  • Nylon jaw pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flush cutter
  • Bent chain nose pliers
  • WigJig jewelry tool
  • Four 3/16" Super Pegs

Jewelry Making Skills Required:

  • Ability to straighten jewelry wire using nylon jaw pliers jewelry tool.
  • Ability to cut jewelry wire with flush cutter jewelry tool.
  • Ability to make a loop in jewelry wire with round nose pliers jewelry tool.
  • Ability to shape jewelry wire with WigJig jewelry tool.  
  • Ability to make a figure 8 connector out of jewelry wire.  

Assemble these earrings starting with the top wire component.  Using figure 8 connectors made with jewelry wire, connect the two end loops on the top wire component to the end loops on your first double 8 wire component.  Connect three double 8 wire components using the same techniques as you did for the bracelet.  Then use figure 8 connectors to connect the end loops for the bottom or "V" shaped component to the end loops on your lowest double 8 wire component. 

Add two bead dangles to the end loops of the bottom wire component and add another bead dangle to the eye loop at the bottom.  

Finish these earrings by adding your ear wire to the top.  We recommend using a post style commercial ear wire like our item 2659 in sterling silver or item 2660 in gold-filled.


Top wire component made out of jewelry wire shaped using WigJig jewelry making tools.

Peg pattern on WigJig jewelry making tools for jewelry wire components used to make Double 8's Earrings.

Bottom jewelry wire comonent of Double 8's Earrings made with silver jewelry wire, crystal AB beads and common jewelry supplies.

Top Wire Component Peg Pattern
on WigJig Centaur Jewelry Tool
Bottom Wire Component





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