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Round Bezel Earrings

Instructions for Making the Round Bezel Gemstone Earrings and the Round Bezel Leverback Earrings using common jewelry supplies and jewelry hand tools:

Here are two earring designs that are strong, permanent and easy to make.  The finished earrings will show off your gemstones and you can wear these earrings with no fear of either losing the earring or of losing the gemstone.  These two earrings jewelry making projects are suitable for beginners to making jewelry. 

Jewelry Making Supplies:

Jewelry Tools Required:

  • Bent chain nose pliers

Jewelry Making Skills Required:

  • Ability to bend metal using bent chain nose pliers.

Making Earrings with the Round Bezel with Loop Finding and with Lever Back Ear Wires:

Round Bezel Earrings with LoopThese are a very popular style of earrings and are made from a regular lever back ear wire finding and a round bezel setting for your gemstone. The round bezel setting is a special setting that has a loop built into it as shown below-left. Setting the gemstone in the bezel setting is accomplished by placing the bezel finding upside down on a firm surface like a cutting board, or on one of the sides of the Wire Whacker, item 3219 in our Internet Store. Since the stone for this setting is set from the back of the setting, the face of the setting is down on your hard surface and the gemstone itself is placed on top of the setting, also with the face pointing down. A slight push with your thumb will cause the gemstone to drop into position as shown below-right. Once the gemstone is in position, you will need to pick up the combination gemstone and setting. Position the thumb of your non-dominant hand on the point of the gemstone to hold the gemstone in position. Using a pair of chain nose or bent chain nose pliers, gently squeeze one of the four tabs in the finding down on top of the gemstone. Work on opposite pairs first -- do tab 1 then tab 3, followed by tab 2 then tab 4. When all four tabs are pressed down, go back one more time in order to make sure that the tabs are as snugly against the gemstone as possible. Once the gemstone is set, then you are ready to connect the loop in the finding to the open loop at the bottom of your lever back ear wire. Use your bent chain nose pliers to open the loop in your ear wire and hang the loop in the round bezel finding from that loop, then close the loop in your ear wire.


Round Bezel Lever Back Earrings Jewelry Making Project with Ruby CZ Round Bezel Lever Back Earrings Jewelry Making Project:

This jewelry making project uses our Round Bezel Lever Back Ear Wire Setting (Item 3353) to set a 6mm gemstone. This is a project that is suitable for a beginner, and requires bent chain nose pliers like our Item 4002 to complete the earrings. Setting the 6mm gemstone in this ear wire finding is very similar to setting a gemstone in our round bezel finding for making a necklace as described in page 8 above.

Step 2 to Round  Bezel Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectStep-by-step instructions for makign the Round Bezel Lever Back Earrings using common jewelry supplies:

Step 1: Position one round, bezel ear wire finding upside down on a table top or other flat surface. These low wall bezel findings are Item 3353 in sterling silver.

Step 2: Place your gemstone face down in the finding as shown at right.

Step 3: Now hold the finding and gemstone in place between the thumb and forefinger of your non-dominant hand while you use your bent chain nose pliers to press two opposing tabs flat against the gemstone.

Step 4: Finish setting the stone by pressing the opposite pair of tabs down. With all four tabs pressed down, then re-visit each tab in turn and gently squeeze it flat against the gemstone. When completed the setting should appear as shown and the gemstone will be held securely in position by all four tabs in the setting.


Round Bezel, Lever-Back Ear Wire Setting for a 6mm GemstoneMake your second earring using the same steps.




Jewelry Making Supplies Required:

Size Ear Wire Finding Gemstone
6mm Sterling Silver Round Bezel, Leverback Ear Wires, Item 3353 Any pair of 6mm, round gemstones

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

These two earring designs are great projects for beginners.  They make earrings that are strong and the gemstone is highly unlikely to fall out.  Using the leverback ear wires will also prevent the wearer from losing the earrings. 




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