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Dog Bone Chain Earrings

Instructions for making the Dog Bone Chain Earrings using WigJig jewelry tools, jewelry wire, jewelry supplies and beads:

Dog Bone Chain Earrings -- Jewelry Making Project made out of jewelry wire shaped on WigJig jewelry tools.

To make these earrings, we need to assemble a chain of 3 or 4 links.  The earrings at right used four links, a jump ring and a commercial ear wire.  To make them, make four interconnected links with jewelry wire and WigJig jewelry tools using the procedures described for the matching Dog Bone Chain Bracelet.  At the top of these four links, add a medium jump ring to the top.  You can find our instructions for making a jump ring here.    Connect the jump ring at the top to your ear wire finding.  Connect a focal bead to the bottom of the last loop in the chain.  You can find our instructions for making the spiral head pin to connect the bead to the bottom of the chain here.  Use 22 gauge soft jewelry wire to make this spiral head pin.  For an making earring like this one, use larger beads like the ones shown here.  

This is an advanced beginner's jewelry making project.

WigJig Dog Bone Chain Earrings made using common jewelry tools, jewelry wire and beads.


You can also make a necklace using this same WigJig Dog Bone Chain.  To make a necklace, you would expand upon the bracelet design.  With the bracelet design, you made two links of chain, each two links long.  For a necklace, you would need to make a total of 10 lengths of chain with two links each.  This would require eleven 8mm beads and would make a necklace that was about 19 inches long. 

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

We hope that you like this earring design.  Obviously, we are copying the bracelet design.  We suggest that you also consider making a necklace using the same Dog Bone Chain design.  This chain is strong, attractive and unique -- three characteristics that we like in the jewelry we make.



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