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Oval Links Earrings

Instructions for making Oval Links Earrings using jewelry wire, jewelry supplies, beads and WigJig jewelry tools.

Oval Links Jewelry Wire and Beads Earring Jewelry Making Project

In the picture at right, you can view matching earrings for the Oval Links Bracelet. These earrings were made by making a single oval link and connecting the top loop to your ear wire and the bottom loop to a wrapped bead link with beads identical to the beads inside the loop.  For the earrings shown at right, we used our 1/2" Super Peg on our WigJig jewelry tool to make the larger of the two oval links used in the bracelet.  The ear wire used at right is a lever back ear wire, Item 0117 in our store.  We won't re-create the full instructions for making the Oval Link shown.  Please select the picture at right to visit our bracelet making instructions where we document the jewelry tools, jewelry wire and jewelry supplies required to make this link along with the pattern for the link shown on our WigJig jewelry tool. 

Because of the wrapped loops used to connect the beads, this is an intermediate jewelry making project.

Jewelry Making Supplies Required:

Jewelry Tools Required:

  • Ruler
  • Flush Cutter
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Bent Chain Nose Pliers
  • Fine Step Jaw Pliers
  • Any WigJig jewelry tool
  • 1/2" Super Peg for WigJig jewelry making jig
  • 3/8" Super Peg for WigJig jewelry making jig.

Jewelry Making Skills Required:

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

When making these earrings we used exactly the same link we made when making the Oval Links Bracelet.  All we did was make two extra links as we were making the bracelet and we were ready to make the earrings.  The only change from the bracelet is that we added a bead dangle to the bottom of the earrings.  We hope you like our Oval Links earrings. 



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