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Snap-Fit Earrings

Instructions for making Snap-Fit Earrings using round gemstones and snap-fit jewelry making findings.

Diamond Snap-Fit Earrings made using snap-fit jewelry making findings and common jewelry supplies.Amethyst CZ Snap-Fit Earrings Jewelry Making Project made using common jewelry tools and jewelry supplies.Let's begin with the instructions for making snap-fit earrings.  Making the earrings shown here requires three components -- The round, diamond cut simulated gemstone, the snap-fit setting to hold the simulated gemstone, and the ear clutch finding to hold the earrings on the wearer's ear.  The following paragraphs show how to make these earrings.  You can view our video on making Snap Fit Findings Post Earrings here.

These are beginner's jewelry making projects.

Jewelry Making Supplies Required:

Jewelry Making Tools Required:

  • Bent Chain Nose Pliers

Jewelry Making Skills Required:

  • Ability to set gemstone in snap-fit jewelry making finding using bent chain nose pliers jewelry tool described below.

Step-by-step instructions for making the Snap-Fit Gemstone Earrings using common jewelry supplies:

Step 1:  Position your gemstone on a flat smooth surface like a cutting board with the flat side down and the pointed side pointing up.

Step 2:  Select a snap-fit setting that matches the diameter of the gemstone you have selected.  If you have an 8mm gemstone, obviously you would select an 8mm setting.  Test the setting by positioning it above your gemstone as shown at left.  The prongs for the setting should be slightly smaller than the girdle (the outside rim) of the gemstone.  If the prongs aren't slightly smaller than the gemstone, gently squeeze individual prongs until all prongs are smaller than the gemstone.  Ultimately, you want the prongs to hold the gemstone firmly, so the stone must be bigger than the setting.

Step 3:  Now we are ready to set the stone.  Grasp the setting with the thumb and forefinger on your dominant hand or in your bent chain nose pliers as shown at left and position the setting over the gemstone.  (We show grasping the post with the pliers in this picture, because when we grasp the post with our fingers, our fingers hid the post and make it hard to view this technique.)

Step 4:  Push down symmetrically on the setting.  You can use the pliers to help.  Hold the pliers in your non-dominant hand and push down on the jaws of the pliers with the thumb of your dominant hand.  You will hear a snap or pop as the prongs of the setting snap into place around the stone.  Continue pushing until all 6 prongs snap into position.  Normally, once snapped into position, your earring is completed.


White CZ Earrings Jewelry Making Project Step 1

Parts of a Round Cut Gemstone White CZ Earrings Jewelry Making Project Step 2


Instructions for making White CZ Earrings using snap-fit jewelry making findings Step 3

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

Instructions for makign White CZ Earrings -- Jewelry Making Project Step 4
Step 5:  For those who have chain nose pliers, one additional step can be helpful.  This step makes sure that each prong is set tightly against the gemstone.  This is accomplished by grasping an opposing pair of prongs and gently squeezing them in the jaws of your bent chain nose pliers. Do this for each of the 3 pairs of Instructions for making White CZ Earrings Step 5opposing prongs. 

Step 6:  Add an ear clutch to the post end of the setting.  Add the ear clutch before you try to wear the earrings as the clutches can be hard to use the very first time they are used.  After the first time. they tend to work better. 

Repeat the above steps to make your second earring. 

PLEASE NOTE: Very rarely, the prongs in a snap type setting can be bent during shipping.  This doesn't happen often, but it has happened.  If this happens, in almost all cases, the prongs can be easily bent back into shape.  If you have a pair of chain nose pliers, this is the preferred tool to use to straighten the prongs.  If you don't have pliers, your fingers will work. 

Summary of instructions for making Snap-Fit Earrings:

This is perhaps the easiest and quickest jewelry making project you will ever find and the results look like you bought them from Tiffany's.  If you have any quesions about how to make these earrings, please view our video from the link at the top of the page.   To view our selection of jewelry making findings used to make these snap-fit earrings, please select here.



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