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Flemish Spiral Beaded Earrings

Instructions for making Flemish Spiral Earrings using jewelry wire, jewelry supplies, beads and WigJig jewelry tools:

Making the Flemish Spiral Earrings is a jewelry making project that is suitable for advanced beginner's to making wire jewelry.. 

These earrings match the Flemish Spiral Bracelet. To make matching earrings for the bracelet, it is best to make your Flemish Spiral wire component smaller.  Use the peg pattern for the WigJig Delphi jewelry tool shown below right to make the wire component.  Use a piece of 20 gauge jewelry wire 2 1/4 inches long.

Once you have completed making the small Flemish Spiral wire component, finishing these earrings requires an ear wire finding (we used our Item 2660 post ear wire with ball and loop), a 1 1/2 inch head pin and a six mm bead. Open the loop in the ear wire finding and add one of the loops in the Flemish Spiral wire component, then close the loop in the finding.  Using a head pin and 6mm bead, make a bead dangle to hang from the other end of the spiral wire component.   

Flemish Spiral Earrings made with WigJig jewelry tools, beads, jewelry wire and jewelry supplies.
Flemish Spiral Earrings
 Made with 6mm glass beads



The peg pattern for making Flemish Spiral jewelry wire component is shown at right on the WigJig Delphi jewelry tool.  This pattern uses to regular metal pegs and two Super Pegs. 

Peg Pattern for Flemish Spiral Earrings made on WigJig jewelry tools with common jewelry supplies.
Peg Pattern on WigJig jewelry tool

Jewelry Making Supplies Required:

Jewelry Making Tools Required:

  • Nylon Jaw Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Step Jaw Pliers (Optional)
  • Flush Cutter
  • Bent Chain Nose Pliers
  • Any WigJig Jewelry Tool

Jewelry Making Skills Required:

Step-by-step instructions for making earrings using WigJig jewelry tools and common jewelry supplies:

Begin by making two Flemish Spiral jewelry wire components following the instructions provided here.  We prefer the middle size wire component, but you can choose any of those three sizes. 

In order to ensure that the piece is fully closed and is as strong as possible, we recommend wrapping 22 or 24G jewelry wire around the center of the piece (again, 1/2 hard wire is preferred). 

Step 1:  Using your bent chain nose pliers, open the two small loops made on the regular pegs on your WigJig jewelry tool. 

Step 2: With these loops open, begin to wrap the wire around the middle of the piece as shown at right. 



Step 3: With every 1/2 wrap, squeeze the bend in the wire on either side of the bend with your chain nose, or bent chain nose pliers as shown below left. 

Swarovski Crystal Pearls Beads and WigJig Bracelet flemmish spiral wire component made with WigJig jewelry making tools, jewelry wire and supplies.

Step 1
Open Top & Bottom Loops


Step 2 to instructions for making earrings using jewelry wire, beads and WigJig jewelry tools.
Step 2
Begin wrap.

Step 3 to instructions for making earrings using common jewelry supplies.

Step 3
Squeeze with chain nose pliers.

Step 4:  Continue wrapping the jewelry wire and squeezing the bends tight for three complete wraps.  Now wrap the loose ends and tuck them in.  Cut off the excess jewelry wire.  


Instructions for making Flemish Spiral Earrings using beads and jewelry wire, step 4.

Step 4
Finish wrap with loops open. Cut wire tails and squeeze flat with pliers.

Step 5: Close both loops and the piece should appear as shown on the right.

Step 5
Step 5 to instructions for makign Flemish Spiral Earrings using common jewelry supplies.

Close both loops.


Step 6:  Add your ear wire finding to the top of the earring by opening the loop in the ear wire and adding that loop to the top of the wire component you just made.  Then add a bead dangle made with 6mm beads to the bottom of the earring as shown at right.  

This completes your Flemish Spiral earring.

Flemish Spiral Earrings made using WigJig jewelry tools.

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

We have stated it before, the Flemish Spiral jewelry wire was the first jewelry wire component that we made using our jewelry making jigs.  One could say that our company was based upon this simple wire component.  We have advanced a lot since we started, but not so much that we have forgotten this simple to make jewelry wire component.  We like the earrings, we like the bracelet and we like the necklaces made with this wire component.  We also use this wire component to make a clasp.  If you get the impression that we use this component a lot, we do.




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