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Amethyst Cubed Wire Bracelet

Instructions for making Amethyst Cubed Wire Bracelet out of jewelry wire, beads and jewelry supplies using WigJig jewelry tools:



This bracelet is a beginner to intermediate jewelry making project that uses 18G gold-filled soft jewelry wire, 22G 1/2 hard gold-filled jewelry wire, a round medium chain, some fine chain and a magnetic clasp to make a beaded chain bracelet. 

Amethyst Cubed Bracelet made using WigJig jewelry tools.
Close up of Amethyst Cubed Wire Bracelet made from gold-filled jewelry wire, beads and common jewelry supplies.

There are two jewelry making techniques that are involved in making this bracelet.  The first is to make the Figure 8 jewelry wire component in the center of the bracelet, and the second is to make the wrapped bead link using jewelry wire and beads that connects the components of the bracelet together. 

Jewelry Supplies Required:

Jewelry Tools Required:

  • Ten inches of 22G 1/2 hard gold filled jewelry wire
  • Eight 6 mm Amethyst Swarovski Square Beads
  • 3 1/2 inches of 18G Gold-filled soft jewelry wire
  • One Gold-filled or Gold plated magnetic clasp
  • Three inches of fine gold chain (for guard chain)
  • Six segments of medium, round, gold filled chain cut to be three links long


  • Round Nose Pliers jewelry tool

  • Flush Cutter jewelry tool

  • 2 pair of Chain Nose or Bent Chain Nose Pliers

  • WigJig Olympus, Olympus-Lite, Delphi, Cyclops or Electra jewelry tool (any one) with two metal pegs

  • Two Super Pegs for your jewelry making jig above in 3/16 or 1/4 inch size (both must be same size)

  • 30 minutes of free time

  • Nylon Jaw Pliers jewelry tool (preferred but not required)


Instructions for making Amethyst Cubed Wire Bracelet by shaping jewelry wire on WigJig jewelry tool.
WigJig Delphi/Olympus Jewelry Tools Peg Pattern

The WigJig Component that we make for this bracelet is called a Wrapped Figure 8.  This component can
be made on any of our WigJig jewelry tools as shown in these pictures.  It is made with 18G soft jewelry wire.  The peg pattern for this component on your jewelry making jig uses two Super Pegs the same size in either 3/16" or 1/4" size and one regular metal peg.  Because this figure 8 component is "wrapped" is will be very strong and won't pull apart. 


Peg pattern on WigJig Delphi jewelry tools for making Wrapped Figure 8 jewelry wire component. Peg pattern for Wrapped Figure 8 made out of jewelry wire showing peg pattern on  WigJig Cyclops  jewelry tools.
Jewelry Wire on Delphi Jewelry Tool Jewelry Wire on Cyclops Jewelry Tool

Peg pattern for Wrapped Figure 8 jewelry wire component made on WigJig Olympus jewelry tool.

Completed Wrapped Figure 8 jewelry wire component.
Jewelry Wire on Olympus or Olympus-Lite Completed Figure 8 Link

















This component is made by making a loop in a piece of 18G jewelry wire about 3 inches long using your
round nose pliers. This loop gets cut off as we finish the piece. so it isn't important that it be
a closed loop. After straightening this piece of jewelry wire, place the initial loop over the regular
metal peg (smaller peg shown in these pictures) on your WigJig jewelry tool. Wrap the jewelry wire around the two Super Pegs in turn. Remove from the jewelry making jig and gently flatten with nylon jaw pliers or with your fingers.


Assembly of the Bracelet:

Once you have gathered the beads, wire, chain, clasp and Wrapped Figure 8 Component, you are ready to assemble this bracelet.  The bracelet is made by connecting the Wrapped Figure 8 component in the center to the chain made of a combination of wrapped bead links and commercial medium, round chain segments three links long.  The technique for performing the wrapped bead link using jewelry wire and beads is shown here.  Connect 4 wrapped bead links to three chain segments on each side of the Figure 8.  Add the clasp to either side in the fourth wrapped bead.  Before wrapping this link closed, add the 3" guard chain to either side.    

Amethyst Cubed Wire Bracelet Jewelry making project made using WigJig jewelry tools, beads, wire and jewelry supplies.
Amethyst Cubes Figure 8 Bracelet made using Swarovski beads, gold filled jewelry wire and common jewelry supplies.
The completed bracelet will appear as shown at left and above right.  Because each link is wrapped closed, this will be a very strong bracelet.

Summary of jewelry making instructions:

Making this bracelet design is a rather quick and easy jewelry making project.  It is suitable for an advanced beginner to making jewelry.  The use of commercial chain to extend the bracelet allows us to complete this project in much less time.  If you wanted to make a more complex bracelet you could replace the commercial chain with additional links of jewelry wire made on our WigJig jewelry tools.



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