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Low Wall Bezel Gemstone Earrings Jewelry Making ProjectThere is a very famous saying "Give a man a fish and you fed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you've fed him for a lifetime."  We propose a corollary to this saying as follows:  "Teach a woman to make jewelry and you can retire on the income."  Our point here is that while finished jewelry makes a great gift, perhaps a jewelry making kit suiteable for beginners is an even better choice. 

The 4 carat finished earrings shown below-center would sell for between $75 and $450 in a jewelry store, depending upon the store.  4 carat earrings are the size earrings that you frequently see professional atheletes wearing.  They make quite a nice gift.  While giving those earrings could be an expensive gift, giving someone the supplies and materials to make those earrings would cost around $16 in our Internet store.  The instructions on how to make those earrings are available for free on our web site.  We would say that they are so easy that a cave man could make them, but Geico Insurance Company beat us to that slogan.  How about, making gemstone earrings is so simple that a five year old can do it.  In fact, our five year old nephew has frequently made these earrings.  Making gemstone earrings like the ones shown here is a project that is definately suitable for a beginner who has never made any jewelry before.  All that is required is the average ability to grip and hold the materials.  You can view our free instructions for making those earrings here.

A second option to consider as a gift idea is to make the jewelry yourself.  Making jewelry as a gift is a natural extension of the jewelry making hobby.  Many people find that they get more pleasure from giving a gift that they made, than they would get from purchasing a pre-made gift.  Others find that by making a gift yourself, that you can get more bang for your buck, or as we say -- More Bling for Less Cha-Ching.  In this section of our web site we are going to concentrate on gifts that are 1. gender specific (for a woman or for a man) 2.  relatively inexpensive (most less than $30), and 3. quick and easy to make.  We have a detailed web page with gift suggestions for both men and women here.  We suggest that you consider gifts made with the birthstone for the designated recipient. 

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