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Jewelry Gifts 2 (For Men)


Quick and Easy Tie Chain Jewelry Making Project

Does your significant other need to store his ties in the refrigerator to keep the food stains from spoiling?  If this sounds like someone you know, give them a tie chain to help keep their tie out of the soup at mealtime.  The Tie Chain attaches to a shirt button and holds the tie within inches of the wearer's shirt. 

Please select the picture at right to view our free instructions for making this simple tie chain.

If your significant other is comfortable wearing a necklace, you can make one similar to the those shown here.  Please select either picture to visit our instructions for making these necklaces.

Men's Necklace Jewelry Making Project
Men's Necklace Jewelry Making Project

What do you get the man who has everything?  What about that fat cat who wants to display a little bling?  How about a Tie Chain with Bling?  This project is a simple modification to our regular tie chain and can be made with man made gemstones or CZs.  How would a 2 carat diamond look on Mr. Big?

Tie Chain with Bling Jewelry Making Project







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