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Jewelry Making Project Types

Making Earrings with Jewelry Wire and BeadsIn our WigJig web site we provide instructions in making jewelry by hand using many different techniques.  In this web page we will try to summarize at a high level the ten approaches to making jewelry that we teach and we will provide links to our instructions on those techniques.  All ten techniques are relatively easy to use and are suitable for beginners although some are easier than others.  The ten jewelry making techniques follow.

1.  Making Jewelry with Jewelry Wire and Beads Using our WigJig Tools:

Our first technique is making wire components using our WigJig jewelry making tools.  This is our favorite technique and we describe it in great detail here in our web site.  Please view the earrings at right as an example of jewelry made with wire and beads using our WigJig tools.  For someone who wants to get started making jewelry with using this approach, the best way to start is to review all the information in our "For Beginners" Section by selecting here.  The information in our For Beginner's section will explain the tools, the skills, the supplies and all the other information necessary for someone to begin in this jewelry making technique.  We even suggest which jewelry making designs are appropriate for beginners and recommend several designs to get started. 

Once you have reviewed the information in our For Beginner's section then you would be ready to begin making some designs.  Please select one of the following topics and select any picture on the resulting page to view our free step-by-step jewelry making instructions for hundreds of different jewelry projects. 

Beaded Earrings Beaded Bracelets Beaded Necklaces Ring and Other

Making Jewelry by Setting Gemstones

2. Setting Gemstones:

Our second jewelry making technique is setting gemstones.  While this sounds like an intimidating project that requires years of experience, we have found several findings that allow even rank beginners to be able to easily set gemstones in findings and make gemstone jewelry.  The findings we recommend for beginners are called "snap-fit" findings and if you can pick up a tooth pick, you can make jewelry with those findings.  The earrings jewelry making project shown at right is a good example of a very easy to make pair of earrings, made by setting gemstones into snap-fit findings.  We have a lot of information on how to set gemstones in our "Gemstones" section of our Jewelry Techniques area of our web site.  Please select here to view our free jewelry making instructions on making gemstone jewelry.  Please remember that we selected these projects because they were suitable for a beginner to making jewelry.  Our five year old nephew has made several earrings like the ones shown above-right. 
Making Jewelry by Wire Wrapping

3.  Making Jewelry by Wire Wrapping:

Our third jewelry making technique is called "wire wrapping".  In wire wrapping, instead of glue or solder, wire is bent or wrapped around itself to make permanent wire components, often incorporating beads or gemstones.  Please see the earrings at right.  In these earrings you can view a wire component between the ear wire and the stone that includes two loops with wrapped wire in between.  This is an example of wire wrapped jewelry.  On our WigJig web site, we have many beginner's wire wrapping projects like the earrings shown at right. We also have a book in our Internet store, "Moods in Wire", that provides good instructions on more advanced wire wrapping projects.  You can find "Moods in Wire" here.

Making Jewelry by Stringing Beads4.  Making Necklaces and Bracelets by Stringing Beads:

Our fourth jewelry making technique is making necklaces and bracelets using bead-stringing.  There are two basic approaches to bead-stringing.  The oldest is stringing beads by knotting silk thread between each bead.  This approach is thousands of years old and was originally invented by the Chinese.  The rationale behind the knots between each bead was that when your necklace broke, you could only lose one beads, the remainder would remain together.  We have free instructions on making jewelry by stringing beads on silk thread using knots here.

The second basic technique for stringing beads is the much newer approach to stringing beads and finishing the jewelry by using crimp beads.  The best crimp beads are small metal tubes.  These tubes are threaded onto flexible jewelry wire like Soft Flex and then squeezed with special bead crimping pliers to fasten, or fix that flexible wire so the beads won't slide off.  The advantage to the newer approach using crimp beads is that it takes much less time to make a necklace using this technique.  Here are two important links about this approach to jewelry making:

Making Jewelry with 1/2 Drilled Freshwater Pearls

5.  Making Jewelry by Gluing 1/2 Drilled Pearl Beads:

Our fifth technique is making wire components using 1/2 drilled freshwater pearls with special findings and glue.  If you can use glue, even the newest beginner will be able to make jewelry using these findings and glue.  This is one of the easiest ways to make jewelry.  Our free jewelry making instructions on making jewelry with 1/2 drilled freshwater pearl beads can be found here. 

6.  Making Jewelry Using Stretch Magic Elastic Thread: 

Making Stretch Magic Jewelry with BeadsOur sixth technique for making jewelry by hand involves stretchy thread like elastic or a special bead stringing thread called Stretch Magic.  Making jewelry with stretch magic involves threading beads onto stretch magic and then knotting the ends to hold the beads in place.  With Stretch Magic, the last step in your jewelry making project is gluing the knots to make certain that the knots don't work loose during wearing.  Here are five links that will help you get started making jewelry with Stretch Magic. 

  1. How to glue knots when using Stretch Magic.
  2. How to tie overhand knots when using Stretch Magic. 
  3. How to tie square knots.
  4. Winter Dreams Stretch Magic Bracelet. 
  5. Bracelets with Stretch, Stretch Magic projects. 

Making Twist 'n' Curl Jewelry our of Jewelry Wire

7.  Making Wire Beads Jewelry Using the Twist 'n' Curl Tool:

Our seventh technique for making jewelry by hand involves using the Twist 'n' Curl tool to make wire beads and incorporating the wire beads into jewelry items.  First, let's discuss what a wire bead is.  Wire beads are quite simply coils of colored wire that you can use in a jewelry item just like a bead.  You can view one example of a wire bead below.  You can view our instructions for making wire beads by selecting one of the links below.  


Finally, below you can select from 9 different Twist 'n' Curl projects. 

How to Make the Spring Fling Necklace Jewelry Making Project
How to Make the Twist 'n' Curl Wire Beads Earrings How to Make the Complex Wire Bead Choker
Spring Fling
Twist 'n' Curl
Complex Bead
How to Make the Simple Wire Bead Choker How to Make the Wavy Yoke Necklace Jewelry Making Project How to Make the Tiny Peacock Blue Necklace Jewelry Making Project
Simple Bead
Wavy Yoke
Tiny Peacock Blue

How to Make the Twist 'n' Curl Simple Bracelet Jewelry Making Project How to Make the Celtic Wire Bead Necklace Jewelry Making Project How to Make the Capri Blue Twist 'n' Curl Necklace
Twist 'n' Curl

Celtic Wire Bead

Capri Blue

Making Jewelry with Memory Wire and Beads
  Making Jewelry Using Memory Wire:

Our eighth technique for making jewelry is using Memory Wire to make rings, bracelets and necklaces.  Memory Wire is very stiff wire that is shaped to be round in the size of either a ring, bracelet or a necklace.  Memory Wire is called memory wire, because it can easily be temporarily bent slightly out of its round shape, but whenever the forces to bend it are removed, Memory Wire will return to its original shape.  Memory Wire requires a special cutter because the wire is so hard it will ruin a normal jewelry wire flush cutter.

Memory Wire jewelry is made by stringing beads onto several turns of the wire and then fixing the ends of the wire so that the beads won't come off.  Our free instructions for making jewelry with Memory Wire can be found here.   You can view a memory wire project here.

Purple Knitted Chain Jewelry Making Project9.  Making Necklaces Using a Spool Knitter. 

Our ninth technique for making jewelry by hand is making chain using a spool knitter to make chains used in necklaces.  Many people have experience with the spool knitter as a youngster.  The spool knitter is also sometimes called a knitting dolly.  The spool knitter is used to make woven wire chainse.   Below you can select from three web pages with instructions on how to use the spool knitter. 

Here are two jewelry projects made using the spool knitter: 

How to Make the Purple Knitted Chain Jewelry Making Project How to Make Jewelry Using the Spool Knitter
Purple Knitted Chains Knitting with Diane


Braided Jewelry Wire Bracelet Jewelry Making Project

10.  Making Bracelets or Necklaces by Braiding Wire:

Our tenth and last technique for making jewelry by hand is using jewelry wire to braid bracelets and necklaces.  Braiding string, hair or many other common items is something that most of us have done.  Braiding wire isn't sigificantly different. 

You can find our instructions for making a braided bracelet here.



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